15 People Reveal the Trends They Followed as Kids That Now Make Them Cringe

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Reebok Pumps? Hypercolor t-shirts? Wearing overalls with one strap hanging down? Listening to Menudo?

What are the things from your childhood that you were really into that now embarrass the hell out of you?

By the way, I had a pair of Reebok Pumps AND a Hypercolor t-shirt. I thought I was the sh*t in 7th grade. Turns out I wasn’t! Who knew?!?!

AskReddit users bravely went on the record and shared the trends they got wrapped up in as youngsters that now make them cringe.

1. Glitter everywhere

“I used Bath & Body Works roll on glitter religiously (Cucumber Melon obviously). But I used so much of it that instead of having a little sparkle under my eyes, my skin was tinted green and caked with glitter.”

2. Your role model

“I used to wear those black button down shirts with fire at the bottom, like the kind Guy Fieri wears. I don’t know if it was an actual trend or not but it still makes me cringe.”

3. You had your time

“I mean really looking at it now. Crotch chopping and telling people to suck it was really my generation’s version of “The Dab.”

4. ’80s?

“In my day, we put as much gel in our hair as we could and angled it up like a ski slope. Hair was solid as a rock.”

5. Hahahaha

“Wearing skirts over jeans 🙁 “

6. Those were HUGE

“Big Johnson t-shirts…. damn I was a douche.”

7. This is amazing

“I grew up on a farm outside of a small town (population was just over 500) in the Midwest. The nearest hot topic was two hours away, but I wasn’t allowed to go in it anyways. Ever seen an emo kid on a horse sorting cattle? Wore knee high converses instead of my boots. And the eyeliner…oh god the eyeliner.”

8. Preppy

“Nothing said suave like a popped collar on a Ralph Lauren polo shirt.”

9. The point?

“Early 2000’s when wearing two belts was a thing for a bit. Neither in the belt loops, totally nonfunctional.”

10. Breakin’

“Those nylon breakdancing pants with all the zippers. Those zippers hurt.”

11. Pure ’90s

“I bought into the classic ’90s trends that immediately come to mind. the butterfly clips, frosted lips and eyes, platform shoes… all very spice girls. i am having to relive it because my 12 year old is now into the same things. except instead of pulling back strands of hair with butterfly clips, she’s clipping them haphazardly throughout her entire mane. i cannot wait for the trend to die!”

12. They were EVERYWHERE

“The Ed Hardy T-shirts.”

13. Punk rock

“Studded belts. Studded belts everywhere.”

14. I remember…

“Late ’90s when everything had stripes on the side. Shirts, jeans… Yeah that and the ball chain necklace.”

15. She did you a favor

“For me, JNCOs. I wanted a chain wallet, but my mom wouldn’t let me have one. I now understand why.”