15 People Share What They Would Do If Society Didn’t Find It So “Cringey”

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If society didn’t look down on it and find it cringey, what are some of the things you would do? Run around with clown makeup on, perhaps? Walk naked through city streets?

Whatever your fancy, see if they measure up to these answers from folks on AskReddit.

1. Do it anyway!

“Climb trees, I’m 23 as an adult suddenly it’s frowned upon for some weird reason.”

2. Just like George Costanza

“I would drape myself in velvet if it were socially accepted.”

3. Yes!

“Be the office goth I was destined to be.”

4. Be a trailblazer

“I really like cloaks, but I don’t think the world is ready for that.”

5. Game on

“My husband and I love playing card games. For the last 2 years I’ve been carrying around a card deck and when we are waiting for food at a restaurant, we play on the table!

At first we were both embarrassed to be playing war, slap jack, 21, rummy etc. at nice restaurants (think $30+ a plate) but now people all over our town call us the “card couple”. Owell, cringe on. We love it! It has started some really fun conversations and some folks have even asked to join!”

6. I wish

“Everyone should have their own entry music like in the WWE.

Everyone would look forward to going to work meetings or seasonal family dinners if we can get pumped up as we arrive. Drunk Uncle from Quality Control would be welcomed now, as their music randomly hits out of nowhere and everyone cheers/boos.

Mandatory corporate drug awareness training would be way cooler if Master of Puppets starts playing, everyone is rocking out, then suddenly fireworks everywhere and the trainer steps into the room arms aloft and walk to the front.”

7. Sounds good to me

“Wear old-fashioned clothes. For example,
clothes from the 1940s or the Victorian era.”

8. Style for days

“I’d dress up as a different princess every month, Korean style, Egyptian Pharaoh, Grecian queen, Russian Tsar, every month a new style…I’d also need money though.”

9. Go ahead and let it out

“Karaoke emotional songs that make me cry.”

10. I think some people do this

“Walk my cat on a leash.”

11. Relive the good old days

“Have a damn slumber party with my friends – like full on kid style. eat crappy food, watch scary movies, play games, play video games, sneak out of the house for an “adventure” in the neighborhood at night, laugh over stupid shit, stay up way too late, have those deep slumber party conversations. and then we could all go to sleep in the living room. but it’d be even better now because alcohol.”

12. Dance your heart out

“When a jamming song comes on I’d like to be able to dance a little in public. Dance to the beat of my own song haha.”

13. Not hitting on you

“Compliment more people. There’s this unfortunate thing that happens where if I pay someone a compliment, they think I’m hitting on them.

Like, “Nah, lady…I like your dress, not you.”

14. Might get some weird looks, but oh well

“Merrily skip instead of walk.”

15. Liberate yourself!

“As a male in the USA I’m really close to getting a bag to carry my things. Like a purse but god forbid I call it that. I want to liberate my pockets.”