People Share the Childhood Rituals That They Still Do Today


What are some of those leftover quirks from your childhood that you still do today? Something unique to you that you will carry with you for the rest of your life?

AskReddit users admitted what childhood rituals they still do today.

What’s yours?

1. Cool!

“When I’m on a hike I pick up a rock and carry it for about an hour.

Then i put it down in a nice spot. I’ve done that since I was a kid so rocks could change horizons and see the world.”

2. Okay…

“I sort multi-colored candies (Skittles, M&Ms, etc) into their respective color groups and eat them one color at a time.

But I save one of each color for last, and eat that group all at once.”

3. Good move

“Always take a sip of the water before I swallow a pill with it.

Gotta make sure the throat works.”

4. Hahaha

“As a kid, I was terrified of Vampires (due to watching the original made for TV Salem’s Lot).

I convinced myself that if I slept with the covers up to my chin, they couldn’t bite my neck.

Didn’t work, but I still sleep with covers up to my neck when I lay down in my coffin in the morning.”

5. Mr. Magpie

“My mum taught me and my brothers about the superstitions with magpies when I was young.

Seeing a magpie alone is bad luck, but you could get rid of the bad luck by saying “Hello Mr Magpie, how are you and your family today?”

None of us believed the superstition, but we still do it.”

6. Sounds kinda fun

“Run for a split second after I turn a corner, to confuse the people behind me.”

7. Trained

“Oh man. This is gonna sound so weird and I have no idea why I did this, and sometimes still do.

As a kid. I liked to time how long I peed, but, I didn’t use numbers. I would repeat the names of the fairies in Sleeping Beauty in my head and count how many times I said all 3.

“Flora. Fauna. And Merryweather” over and over, while peeing.

Sometimes, I subconsciously still do this. It was so constant as a kid it’s like I trained myself to recite this when I pee.”

8. Careful…

“Walk along ledges instead of the footpath.”

9. Brownie method

“When I eat a cosmic brownie, I always eat the side with less sprinkle-thingys first so I’m more satisfied when I finish the whole thing.”

10. Time to tap

“Once when I was a teenager, I was all dressed up for something, in heels, and I did a little mock tap dance in the kitchen.

My mom looked at me with a little smile on her face and said, “you know, you used to do that when you were 2-years-old any time you wore your dress shoes”.

Still do. Dress shoes are for tap dancing.”

11. Makes sense

“When I go to the beach I always draw a circle around our stuff… ya know… to protect us from the sea bear.”

12. Same here!

“Rushing upstairs or into bed after turning out the light.”

13. The magic rug

“When I was a child my mother made a large round rug out of old pants. It’s beautiful with lots of bright colors. We loved racing around it as children pretending it was a round race track or doing a “indian dance” around pretending that the red center was our fire.

As an adult my mother gave me her old rug (I saved it from being trashed as it had no special meaning to her) when I’m pacing my house while talking on the phone or thinking I catch myself walking around in circles on the rug. It’s like my own personal sticky trap.”

14. Have a seat

“Still sit in the shower like I did when I was a kid.

Hell if I’m gonna stand there for the most relaxing time of the day.”

15. Chiming in

“When I see the clock is at a specific hour exactly, (like 7:00), I’ll very softly say “bong” that number of times like I’m a grandfather clock.”

Alright, now that you’ve read those stories, time to share your own.

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