Larry the Cable Guy’s Southern Accent Isn’t Real

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I was tipped off about this major news a few years back because a friend of mine worked at a big sports arena where Larry the Cable Guy was performing, and he said two things: 1.) He was really nice. 2). He does NOT have a Southern accent.

I was mystified. How could Larry the Cable Guy, hero to the working man (especially in the South), not actually have that trademark accent he uses to “Git R Done”?

Photo Credit: Instagram

You gotta be sh*tting me!

The big-shot comedian was just a regular stand-up comedian before he hit it big with the Larry the Cable Guy character. Check out this old video of him doing standup when he went by the name “Dan Whitney.”

You want more proof? YOU NEED PROOF? If you’re not ready for this video, look away. Here’s Larry explaining how he works his magic.

Larry the Cable Guy just called himself a “linguist chameleon”…I don’t even know what’s real anymore…