15 People Share a Dying Tradition They Wish Would Be Preserved

Photo Credit: Pixabay

There are plenty of historical traditions that people have been all too happy to see fall by the wayside — slavery, corsets, and inbreeding to name a few. But surely there are other, less terrible ones that are dying out that people would love to see revived, right?

According to Reddit, absolutely.

#15. Hand-drawn animation

“Traditional animation. A lot of the big animation studios claim it’s too expensive and time consuming but if you look at their budgets and how long it can take to render CG animated films then it’s about the same difference.

Edit: I mean hand-drawn vs any computer animation, not necessarily 2D vs 3D”

#14. Home ec

““Home economics” as they used to call it. Learning the basics of cooking, baking, sewing, cleaning and how to manage a household budget. They are useful and important things to know no matter who you are.”

#13. No way to live

“Fixed work weeks.

I’m off on Wednesday’s and Thursdays. I can plan things for those days.

Every job I had before this would give me two days off every week, but I’d never know when they were going to be until the Sunday before. It’s no way to live and it doesn’t make for happy employees.

Edit to leave this for the people who don’t understand how this happens.”

#12. Holidays

“Stores being closed on holidays. It’s dead already, but was so much better.”

#11. Sobremesa


That time at the end of a big dinner with friends and loved ones where you just sit around the table drinking wine and shooting the shit. Forget doing the dishes. Forget running off to go and do whatever. Just make some time to sit and spend time with people and enjoy some good dessert and a nice glass of whatever without getting drunk for the sake of it.”

#10. Castles

“Castles, no one builds a good castle anymore. I mean sure there are “castle like” buildings but not a good 11 foot thick wall of stone castle.”

#9. Postcards

“Whenever I travel, I love to send postcards to my young family members. Sometimes I go to an antique store and find vintage postcards from the area I’m visiting.

I’ve gotten positive feedback, they all seem to think it’s neat to get them, but recently I received one from a young family member and it was a nice surprise!”

#8. Drive-ins

“Drive In Movie Theaters.”

#7. RSVP

“RSVPing, saying you’ll be somewhere and actually showing up, consistency, etc.”

#6. Quality time

“Competitive Board games with family, it’s a nice time to spend with them.”

#5. Harvest festivals

“Harvest festivals. It really only works in small to medium agricultural towns, but it really grounds one to the seasons and agricultural production. Right now in Lodi California we are having the annual Lodi Grape Festival, themed after the winegrape harvest season, and it’s been going for something like 60 years.”

#4. Canning and preserving

“Canning and preserving food. I grew up doing this and it’s something I still do. There’s nothing like eating chili in the winter with tomato juice you made yourself or eating homemade strawberry jelly. My friends didn’t grow up in that lifestyle but enjoy when I bring them fresh jelly in the spring.”

#3. Porch sitting

“Sitting on your porch.”

#2. Letters

“Handwritten letters.

I’m not sad to see the greeting industry die (fuck $6 for a fucking card, and I say this as a former Hallmark employee), but I wish it was more common to send handwritten letters. They’re treasured in a way you can never treasure an email. Having something handwritten is also such a meaningful connection (and keepsake if needed).”

#1. Halloween.

“Trick or treating. It seems like a lot of families today are opting for the convenience of “trunk-or-treating,” where everybody gets their cars and park in a cul-de-sac and hand out candy from their trunks. I’ve heard people call it “safer” but honestly, walking around and seeing everyone’s house decorations and costumes was the fun part, not just getting the candy. I think it’s kind of sad that a lot of kids are missing out on the experience =(“