15 People Share Lesser-Known Secondary Uses for Everyday Products

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It’s always great when you can learn to use a household item in a new and exciting way, isn’t it?

Well, maybe if you didn’t necessarily feel that way BEFORE you started reading this article, I have a pretty good feeling that you’ll be in that mindset after you read through these responses about great secondary uses for everyday items.

Let’s check out these tips from folks on AskReddit.

1. You gotta love it!

“Ground coffee (powder) is amazing at neutralizing vomit smell on carpets or fabrics. I was once in an international flight that would last 9 hours, and on hour 3 a child threw up on the aisle.

The stewardess gracefully poured two handfuls of coffee powder on the leftover stain (after removing the puddle) and the smell instantly went away.”

2. Does it all.

“As a mechanic, a flat-head screwdriver is a pry-bar, package opener, square-head (Robertson) screwdriver, hose-pick, a punch, test-lead, electrical bridge, scraper, chisel, and least importantly, a flat-head screwdriver.”

3. Wow!

“Bottom shelf cheap VODKA.

Put it in a spray bottle and squirt in on your bathroom walls to kill mold, squirt it on clothes to remove any odors, use it to clean mirrors, glass, windows.

Squirt it in your mouth to make cleaning more fun! 🥴”

4. If you feel sick.

“Pickle juice can assist the ph balance in your stomach. This means when out drinking, if your stomach starts to feel queasy take a shot or two of pickle juice… why vomit when you’re out having fun?

On a side and probably more relevant note, pickle juice is essentially the OG Gatorade. If you need to replace electrolytes or simply feel a bit dehydrated, drink some pickle juice and then some water.”

5. The leftovers.

“Leftover used Bounce sheets are good little scrubbies for dishes, especially greasy pots and pans. Because they don’t scratch, they’re free (because they already served their original purpose) and when they’re all gunky you can throw them away.”

6. If you have a pool…

“Pantyhose for pool filtering.

This is pretty random, but… Women’s knee-high pantyhose stretches to fit perfectly around the return pipe in an above-ground pool.

For the itty-bitty particles (our problem was gnats!) that manage to make it through the filter, a single knee-high pantyhose sock will catch everything that would otherwise be returned into the water. It can be bunched up on the pipe so it’s not very intrusive.

Cheap enough to throw away when it’s dirty, easy to replace. A 6-pack for $3 got us through the summer and we had to vacuum about half as often.”

7. A happy accident.

“There’s this body wash you can get from the dollar store, I accidentally didn’t shut the lid tight one night and it tipped over.

When I woke up the next morning my bathtub was coated in the stuff, however, after rinsing it away the areas that it was left to sit were cleaner than that bathtub has ever been the entire time I’ve lived in that house.

Now I just buy a bottle of that stuff instead of bath cleaner.”

8. Me, too!

“I stuff dryer sheets in my shoes when i’m not wearing them to absorb the odor and moisture.”

9. Good one!

“Pringles tube lids are good for placing on tin cans when you haven’t used all of the tin.”

10. Pay attention.

“Baking soda in a nylon stocking can be put in your boots or close toed shoes to help freshen then, in your closet to help that musty smell, in your fridge etc.

Couch can be used to tricep dips and sitting

I don’t have a spray head in my kitchen sink so when I want to wash things that need more water to really clean them I take the colander to the bathroom and use the shower head, it also has better pressure so it takes less time to rinse my veggies.

I use my frozen eye mask for bringing down inflammation on my acne as well, I use paper towel as a clean barrier between it but it’s a lot easier then wrapping ice cubes in paper towel which melt. Works great for it’s intended use as well which is depuffing my eyes, really great when I have severe allergies that have been making my eyes water.

Pam spray can be used on your knife when cutting garlic so it doesn’t stick to your hands or knife

Dish soap in a clogged toilet will loosen the clog.”

11. Let’s work on those feet.

“Standing on a tennis ball for about a minute each foot will work absolute wonders.

Try to touch your toes before and after you do this. It’ll loosen everything in your back and give you a lot more range of motion.”

12. Works wonders.

“Use sticky-notes to clean between the keys of your keyboard.

You’ll be amazed how much hair and dirt you’ll clean out.”

13. Get rid of stains.

“Shaving cream is the best stain remover I’ve ever used.

Clothes, carpet, whatever…dampen the stain with water, apply shaving cream, scrub with a damp cloth, then clean up shaving cream by scrubbing with a second damp cloth.

You’ll be surprised how well it works.

Bonus use for shaving cream: apply a SMALL amount (seriously like a pea-sized amount) to your bathroom mirror, and wipe it in circles with a towel like you’re waxing a car.

Do this for an area about the size of your face until the mirror is dry of shaving cream. BOOM! The mirror won’t fog up for a while.

If it starts to fog again, just re-apply. Tip: only apply to mirror when it’s dry.”

14. Use them for something else.

“A pub I used to work at would always keep extra small condoms in a first aid kit.

The use was that in case of an accident cut to a thumb, the condom would put enough pressure on to slow the bleeding and allow the kitchen hands to keep working without risk of a bandaid getting lost in someone’s food.”

15. For your bong!

“Great for bongs – pour in some kosher salt, fill with rubbing alcohol.

Shake the sh*t out of it, rinse, and it’s crystal clear.”

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