15 People Share Simple But Effective Ways To Change Your Life

When we think about changing or improving our lives, it can often seem like too daunting of a task to accomplish quickly or without dropping a lot of time or money we don’t have.

The thing is, that’s not always true. Sometimes we just need someone with a different perspective to share what small thing made a big difference for them – and that’s exactly what these 15 people are doing today!

15. We all are.

I quit drinking, and as sobriety came, I basically looked myself in the eyes and said “You’re allowed to be happy.”

I am literally living a different life now.

14. But watch out for murderers.

Hiking in the mountains. Nothing makes me feel more at peace and excited at the same time.

I just got into backpacking recently. My first backpacking trip was in the Rockies (probably not the wisest decision lol). It was intense, exhausting, beautiful, and peaceful. I cannot wait to go back.

13. Automate whatever you can.

Automating simple yet time-consuming tasks – like Excel macros.

You wouldn’t realise how much time you save beforehand but it sure does save heaps.

12. Don’t underestimate it.

sobered up.

11. We could all benefit.

seeing a therapist.

My dad died when I was 16 and I never saw or really talked to anyone about it till I was in my 30s…so many years wasted being angry and sad.

10. You only get one set of teeth.


I never saw the dentist as a kid, and no one really pushed me to or cared about my dental health.

9. A watershed moment.

I stopped caring not everyone is gonna like you, all you need to do is like yourself

8. The hype is real.

43y.o. Started exercising regularly again. 4x a week.

Forget the physical benefits for a minute, the mental benefits outweigh the “gains” all day.

7. Who knew?

Working remotely.

Spending money on gas, parking, clothes, etc. Just not worth it for most of my pre-remote working life.

6. You hate to hear it.

Eating healthy.

It’s amazing after you realize how much you feel like shit after you just took down a double cheese burger, extra large fries, and a large coke, but at the time, you don’t realize it and just “think” you’re tired.

Good eating habits and exercising changed my life.

5. They’re like magic.

Roomba. Omg not having to sweep dog/cat hair daily is such a blessing.

Edit:. Lots of replies. It’s 4:30am. I’m on my phone instead of PC.

Thanks for the awards. To answer the more obvious questions:

It’s an iRobot Roomba 694. It has not sucked up dog poop but it cleaned up cat vomit only leaving a little on the floor…like a mop or spray and rag would need to be used anyway. The dirt tray has a micro filter and a collection area. You push one button and it comes out and you dump it in the trash. It does get under my dining room table because it just barely fits through the chair legs. It does get stuck in my cabinet but I have it running when I’m usually home for lunch and can save it. It works on hard surfaces and carpets. Mine does not map the room that I’m aware of. It does not have a forward sensor at all, just bumps into things and senses that way. That’s all.

4. Listen to your body.

Sleeping when I’m sleepy.

3. It’s like you can breathe again.

Decluttering. Having less stuff and more space ment it would always be tidy or easily tidied.

I got rid of the things people passed on to me because they felt too guilted to get rid of it themselves. So freeing.

2. I need the link.

Bought a cart that carried my groceries from the car to my apartment.

No more trying to carry five bags in each hand.

1. You’re finally free.

Quitting smoking.

I couldn’t imagine life without it back then. But man is life better without a constant need like that, not to mention all the health benefits.

I honestly think a lot of this is really excellent advice.

If you’ve got more for us, drop it in the comments!