15 People Share the Best Memories They Have From Going to School

Remember your school daze?

I sure do…well, I remember some of them, at least.

When I look back now, it all seems like it was so much fun and I was having a great time. Of course, I really don’t know if that’s the truth, because there were quite a few days I recall absolutely dreading getting out of bed and trying to catch the bus.

But there were a lot of great memories, too, throughout my school years.

What are your best memories from when you went to school?

Let’s take a trip down memory lane with some folks from AskReddit.

1. A classic love story.

“Meeting, courting, dating, and falling in love with the girl who would become my best friend and wife.”

2. Uh oh.

“When my friend fell into the fountain.

We have a medium fountain in front if my school and most of students having fun there. So my friend was walking on a border, then our English teacher asked him “Wanna take a dip?”

And 3 minutes later he fell. I had never laughed so hard!”

3. You did it!

“Sniping the valedictorian spot from the popular kid who everyone thought was going to get it.

He ended up salutatorian. Take that, popular kids!”

4. Busted.

“A few of my friends got busted on school property for smoking weed.

The cop tells them to go to 711 which is the security room at school. These high *sses misunderstood and they all walked down the street to the 7-11. Probably got snacks.

I just want to cry when I think about this.”

5. Let’s eat!

“One week in seventh grade me and my best friends would bring food for the 5 of us.

It started when I brought Tortas for all of us, then another one brought pizza in his backpack. We kept going with the next day someone bringing tacos and the next day a gigantic container of spaghetti and meatballs.

It was the best time of my 7th grade year.”

6. Cool!

“In freshman or sophomore year, our marching band’s show was Beatles themed.

At our 6am Monday morning rehearsal, we played Blackbird right as the rising sun illuminated a flock of blackbirds flying over the field.

To this day, it remains one of the most magical moments of my life.”

7. In the spotlight.

“At a school dance when I was in 7th grade, I decided to sing Karaoke.

A HUGE crowd of people went right in front of the stage and started yelling my name and cheering me on before I had even started singing.

After I was done and got off the stage, everyone started screaming in applause, and all the girls started giving me big hugs and asking to get pictures with me.

I felt like a famous singer who was having a concert.”

8. Young love.

“In seventh grade I had a boyfriend and we were sort of an odd couple. I was about 5’9”, early grower, and he was probably nearly a foot shorter than me. It didn’t bother me though.

My favorite memory was being in PE and holding hands, it was the purest, sweetest form of love I had ever experienced. Hope he’s doing well where ever he is!”

9. An unexpected surprise.

“I am not what you would consider a “fit” person. Not fat but certainly not fit, especially in grade 8, when I somehow won the Phys. Ed. Award.

I think the whole school (myself included) was shocked cause there were much more athletic girls in my grade that probably deserved it.

When I asked the teacher after why he chose me, he said it was because I showed up everyday and tried. He wasn’t looking for the most athletic, just the ones that actually gave a d*mn enough to try.

As long as you’re trying, people will respect your effort. I’ll never forget that.”

10. This is awesome.

“Our announcer got kicked out of a football game for badmouthing the refs. Coincidentally he was my English teacher.

He stormed out of the booth, looked around crazily, saw me, and told me to get my *ss in the booth.

He basically stood over my should for the entire game cursing at the refs and telling me what to say about the plays and stuff. Good times.”

11. Make Out City, USA.

“Making out with my favorite girlfriend on stage during lunch hour.

And getting caught by my favorite drama teacher.”

12. Creative writing.

“When I started high school I helped start a creative writing club followed by a creative writing class. The club grew a lot by the time I graduated and through it and the class I was able to make some amazing friends.

We would hang out, mess around, work on/talk about stories together, hang out in the club room after school, and overall just had a great time together.

That club/class and the friends I made in it were the one thing I will always remember fondly about high school. Sometimes I miss being in high school just because of the time I spent with them.”

13. Dodgeball!

“I won the middle school dodgeball tournament for my class.

I was MVP and got the most outs! For one week I was the coolest kid in school.

It’s awesome because I had been bullied most of my middle school year and for that week everyone liked me.”

14. School’s out!

“Getting out of school on the last day of school. There’s really nothing like it in adult life. That feeling of freedom with a blank slate of 90ish days ahead of you was amazing.

Taking a work vacation is nice, but it’s also very short, and you know it will be over quick, and you still have real life responsibilities to think about.”

15. Cross country.

“During cross country, one of the ways our coach made practice incredibly fun was by doing games.

My favorite was Sharks and Minnows which was just a variation of tag. When you got tagged you became a shark and the goal was to be the last minnow and survive as long as possible. Usually we were only allowed to run in the field which was fun but lacking.

On this particular day our coach ,who was also the assistant principal, let us have free roam of the entire school. We ran all over the halls, explored generally restricted areas, and for those few hours felt truly free it was one of my most favorite memories in school.”

How about you?

What are some of your favorite memories from going to school?

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