15 People Share the Facts They’re Tired of Explaining to People

I love social media as much as the next person, but we can all admit that it has caused a lot of damage.

People who use different social media platforms to cherry-pick facts or to be sucked into ridiculous vortexes that only spout fake news and conspiracy theories have wreaked havoc in a lot of ways.

And sometimes, folks get tired of explaining FACTS to these people.

What are YOU tired of explaining to people?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say.

1. Yes!

“Feelings are not automatically facts.

I have to remind myself to stop wasting energy getting upset on something I’m only imagining and hasn’t and may never happen.”

2. Shaking.

“My hands shake a little, it becomes worse when; I’m anxious; nervous; when people point it out and/or tell me to stop shaking. Another thing.

I have gone to the doctor , a specialist. He told me it’s normal. People still try to misdiagnose me with Parkinson’s. Worst part it’s always people not on the medical field.”

3. Good to know.

“Airplanes don’t fall out of the sky when they lose an engine.

A 747 can glide nearly 100 miles after losing all engines at cruise.”

4. Totally different.

“The difference between type I and II diabetes, two completely different diseases.

Being a healthcare worker and sometimes even having to explain it to my coworkers is tiring.”

5. Listen up!

“That chronic illness is chronic, like permanent, like forever.

Still sick.

Not getting better. Get it?”

6. Amen!

“Maintaining a safe following distance is the easiest thing to do to avoid accidents and yet most people aren’t doing it.

It’s basically impossible to react in time to avoid an accident if you’re following less than two seconds behind someone. It doesn’t get you where you’re going faster.

The accident will always be your fault. And finally, two seconds is way longer than most people think, most will count one second.”

7. For sure.

“A hour long youtube video about something does not mean that it is true.

It could just mean that some crazy or stupid person posted a hour long video about nothing and you are now dumber for having listened to it and may God have mercy on your soul.”

8. FYI.

“Shaving doesn’t make your hair grow back thicker.

Your mom told you that so you’d shave that awful patchy puberty ‘stache for a few years til it came in thicker.”

9. They don’t know it all.


“You work in IT, what phone should I get?”

“You work in IT, do u know why this app isn’t working”

We’re not all helpdesk or some sort of phone tech support, I promise.”

10. Get happy.

“Depressed people can and will be happy sometimes.

We don’t just all sit around being completely f**king miserable all the time, only most of the time.”

11. Just so you know…

“You cannot get a raise and wind up with a lower net income because of taxes.

Income taxes are progressive. The higher bracket does not apply to the money you make under the threshold.”

12. Live it up!

“Historic life expectancy is heavily skewed by high infant mortality.

If you got past 4 or 5 years old you had a good chance of making old age.

People weren’t just dropping d**d at 35!”

13. Introverted.

“Being an introvert doesn’t mean I’m shy.

It means having a social battery which gets run down and sometimes becomes empty if I don’t have enough peaceful alone time to recharge it.

My job is peopley enough but at least I’m paid to be there. I actively avoid crowds on my time off.”

14. Everyone should know this.

“When you’re adjusting the temperature on a thermostat, you’re not changing the temperature of air that blows out.

You’re just changing how long it’ll stay on for until it reaches that temp.”

15. Did you get that?

“That feelings you have about your thoughts are still feelings and can make or destroy you equally to feelings about non imaginary situations.”

What facts are you tired of explaining to people?

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