15 People Share the Items They Use Even After They’re Broken

There are plenty of items in our lives that we toss as soon as they’re technically broken – pretty much all technology falls into this category – because we’re not naturally thrifty or good at fixing things the way our grandparents’ generation was.

Now, if this recession continues, we may have to remedy that!

For now, here are 15 things most of us do continue to use after they’re broken – see how many are true for you!

15. Well, aren’t you clever.

A horse.

A horse being “broken” is the equivalent to taming.

Wild horses are naturally free willed and not obedient, which isn’t a surprise.

But breaking a horse means disciplining away the wild personality to make it obedient.

14. Ha, well I guess you can’t just grab a new one of those.

My brain after I was about to butter on my cereal.

I don’t know what I was thinking.

13. Amen to that.

Anything if you can’t afford a new one.


I’m right.

12. Do people still use wooden pencils?

A pencil.

Sharpen it and you’re good to go!

11. So many clever folks on this question.

Our voices.

But it’s good when it breaks because it’s mean we’re growing up!

10. Tell that to my kids.


It is frustrating when it happens but it still does the job!

9. Comfort is paramount.

Technically clothes in the sense that they can get holes or break off buttons/zippers etc. I still have clothes from 15 years ago.

I don’t care if they have rips, tears, holes, missing buttons, or stains. They are still comfy and serve their purpose. Usually only at home.

8. A good trick if you have more than one kid.

A crayon.

A broken crayon works like two small crayons.

I like five pieces because then I have pieces for both sides of my nose, both of my ears and I have one left over as a snack for later.

7. Some jingles really stick with you.

Kit Kat bar.

Better break me of a piece!

6. We just consider it forced exercise.

Warning: Escalator is now temporarily stairs.

Start walking, Karen!

5. Felt that.


I call a mulligan.

2021 better be lit AF.

4. Try not to feel personally attacked.

Our bank accounts.

Damn over draft fees!


3. I mean, we are lazy.

Plastic forks.

It ain’t worth standing up and getting a new one after breaking a prong.

2. See also, iPads.


If the screen is cracked, many of us won’t get them fixed.

I mean, I do, but not a lot of people.

1. Not that we really have a choice.

That damn road they haven’t fixed yet.

Potholes are ruining my life.


Most of these are true for me, plus a few more things because I’m pretty lazy.

What would you add to this list, if anything? Let us know in the comments!