15 People Share When They Died Inside


We’ve all had those moments in life when we were so embarrassed or humiliated that a little part of us died. A lot of them come in our younger years when we try to ask out the popular girl or guy or act cool in front of our peers. Or, sometimes, incredibly terrible or sad things take place that leave a mark on us forever.

Folks on AskReddit shared their experiences, and I think you’re gonna cringe while reading about these experiences.

1. They sure are cruel.

“In the 7th grade, I got my back to school clothes. For some reason, I thought yellow pants and a yellow Hawaiian shirt looked AWESOME . I was excited to wear this new outfit. We were not wealthy, so having new clothes like this was a big deal for me.

Sitting in my English class I received a note. It said “Are you the mustard man?” and was signed by every.person.in.the.fucking.class and as I read it, they all burst out in laughter. All of them.

Its a moment in life where you have to laugh or cry and either way you die inside.

I chose to laugh.

Kids are cruel.”

2. Yes, I do mind.

“When I was 18 and at a carnival with a group of people I knew from school, including my long-time crush. At some point, people started dropping off from the group, going on rides, getting food, that kind of stuff. Eventually, it was only me, my crush and my little sister (little as in almost 16). I kept waiting for her to leave, too, to go find some of her friends or whatever.

After hanging out together for another 15 or so minutes, it slowly dawned on me that it wasn’t him and me waiting for her to leave, but them waiting for me to leave. They shortly after became a couple for a few months.

It later turned out that they got to know each other at my 18th birthday party two months prior (they never met before). When my sister got back later that evening she told me that and said “you don’t mind, do you?”.

I did mind, very much.”

3. This is terrible.

“I received a set of boxes in the mail with no return address on a Monday morning. When I opened the boxes I started noticing stuff that is my mom’s (her handwriting on notes) this seems to be some sort of care package from my mom! (Was in college at the time).

As I opened more, there were all these documents? I was confused, then I found the note. My mom committed suicide but planned it all out. She sent me a list of “things to take care of now that she’s gone”. Now I hate getting packages.”

4. That’s very sad.

“When my dad told me he was obligated to love me, but he didnt have to like me.

I was 10. And I was absolutely crushed.”

5. Pretty embarrassing.

“I had a customer who was holding and examining an awkward, fragile, and expensive item with one hand… I asked her to please hold it with two.

She turned to look at me. She only had one arm.”

6. It was not quiet.

“When I was about 9 I was in a school assembly (all 400~ students and all teachers). At our school assembly’s the students sat cross legged on wooden floor in the sports hall.

Well, I had to fart, and I assumed it would be quiet. It was not. It ended up being extremely loud and was amplified by the wooden floor.”

7. I wonder why…

“At a company event. As we left, my colleagues were nowhere to be found as I walked outside. So I waited there. Turns out they were taking a group photo without me.”

8. A strange birthmark.

“Interviewing a potential student who is interested in my school, he has a huge green circle around his eye.

“Wow, quite a black eye! what’d you do?”

“I was born like this.””

9. A big joke.

“As a neurotic and anxious middle schooler, I decided to ask a girl to a dance, but through AIM (shoutout to the late 2000’s). She said yes and the majority of the class ended up finding out. I thought everything was alright until I got a phone call from somebody else telling me that it was all just a joke.”

10. A nice guy stepped in.

“6th grade all day field trip to Sea world Orlando. Surprise period through my WHITE shorts. All the moms who wanted to help only had tampons, I was 11 and had no idea how to use them, there ensued an embarrassing crash course. I was devastated until random dad saved the day by giving me his windbreaker to tie around my waste and told me to, ” go have fun”

Thanks random field trip dad, you saved the day!”

11. Reality check.

“When my friends said I should drink some more because I’m no fun without alcohol…”

12. Do you speak French?

“I went to an interview once where one of the two people interviewing me asked if I knew French. I said I knew core French so they decided to conduct the interview completely in French…

I can understand when someone speaks French to me, I can read and write fluently in French, but I cant for the life of me speak French. It was so bad that one of the interviewers got up and left halfway through and didn’t come back.

Needless to say I didn’t get the job.”

13. Whoopsie daisy.

“That time I left school while chatting to friends and spotted my mum’s car, got in said car and uttered the usual “thanks for picking me up mum” only to realise that it was not in fact my mum’s car , but a complete stranger and their family.”

14. Always take a second look.

“Setting: junior high. Status: awkward preteen. Style: liked cats, very shy. Walked out of the school bathroom. Noticed after a bit that the popular girl in school was watching me, giving me a strange look. She then approached me, and wordlessly pulled my skirt out of my underwear that I’d just tidily tucked in with the rest of my uniform. Then just walked away to avoid my shame, as I’d just been walking around with my panties showing…”

15. People suck.

“I was 15, someone was taking a photo of my girlfriend at the time and I and she goes “make sure you don’t smile, you’re ugly when you smile you look much better when you’re serious, don’t want you ruining another photo”.

It was not a joke.

That killed me so hard I’m 34 and I still struggle to smile in front of people.”