15 People Share the One Thing They Swore They Would Hate – and Then They Tried It

Image Credit: Pixabay

We all have preconceived notions about what we’re going to enjoy and what we’re not – but the bravest among us are willing to try new things, and are occasionally rewarded for it.

The people below were positive they wouldn’t like these 15 things but are now eating their words. Happily.

#15. I’m a meat lover now.

“Same here. Growing up I thought I hated all meat. Turns out my mum just can’t cook. Everything she made looked and tasted like leather. My husband’s family introduced me to fine cuts of meat, properly seasoned and cooked to perfection. I’m a meat lover now.”

#14. Dungeons and Dragons.

“This is one of those ones that I think everyone would like given a suitable DM (Dungeon Master).

D+D is way bigger than just slaying dragons and saving princes/princesses, which is what I missed when I thought I wouldn’t like it. There’s even futuristic space campaigns and all sorts of shenanigans.”

#13. I found one.

“Having a cat. I thought I hated cats, but I found one and now I love him.”

#12. Stupid cheap.


When cooked right, it has a pretty awesome taste/texture. Its also stupid cheap.”

#11. My favorite side.

Guacamole. Just looked very unappetizing. Now it’s my favorite side.

#10. There probably won’t be for long.

“Hummus and now if there’s ever any around me there probably wont be for long.”

#9. A bad rep.

“Brussel sprouts really do get a bad rep. They’re really nice baked in the oven, especially when their edges get crisp. In general, if you like broccoli, you’ll probably like properly cooked brussel sprouts.”

#8. Joke’s on him.

“I didn’t want anything to do with computers, or computer games. But then dad managed to convince me to at least try. Oh, how he regretted that later.”

#7. An introvert’s worst nightmare.

“Las Vegas. On paper it sounded like an introvert’s worst nightmare. I was apprehensive when my sister decided to have her 30th birthday there but I ended up loving it!”

#6. I indulged her.


My girlfriend at the time wanted to go and see Swan Lake, so I indulged her. It was amazing!”

#5. A very bad cook.

“Most foods honestly. Turns out I wasn’t a picky eater, my mother was just a very bad cook.”

#4. My wife.

“Are you my wife?

“I HATE steak!!!”

Hey, why isn’t your steak black?

Can I try it?

Are you going to eat the rest of that?

This is my steak now.

When are we going to have steak again?

Her mom is a great baker, but a horrible cook.”

#3. She insisted.

“When I was younger my Mom brought a movie and suggested I watch it. Being a 12 year old boy I had no interest in watching something name The Princess Bride, like k’mon Mom. She insisted and eventually I gave in and now it my favorite movie, not in the least because of how much my story mirrors the grandson in the movie.”

#2. I hate pickles.

“Those yellow peppers that almost always come with pizza. I had no idea what they were called or tasted like but had somehow managed to convince myself they’d taste like pickles (I hate pickles). The other day I decided to go ahead and eat one, turns out they’re actually quite yummy.”

#1. 10/10.

“Flying. For someone who’s family has never been near a plane, flying was always seen as a scary experience but it was actually pretty dope. 10/10 would fly again.

Also going outside.”

Try new things. Or don’t. It’s really a crapshoot.