15 People Share the Things They’re Tired of Other Folks Trying to Convince Them Is Great

I’m not gonna name any names, but it seems like there are 3 or 4 musical artists these days that people try to convince everyone are great.

And you know what?

I’m not really into them.

It’s just my personal opinion, but I’m tired of hearing about them!

What are you tired of hearing is great all the time?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. Wow.

“I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost 6 years. The only BF I’ve ever had.

We met in high school and now I’m almost done with Uni. People constantly try to convince me that I should break up with him and be with more people because “I’m missing something”.

I don’t get why I have to eat s**t first and then get to appreciate a loving relationship.”

2. Not for you.

“Earbuds in general.

Maybe im odd but I h**e things in my ear, and the fear they will fall out.

I like full headphones, plus it really drives home the message of don’t f**king talk to me.”

3. Live in the present.

“Working yourself to d**th for a retirement that may or may not happen.

Live now, not chasing this hustle culture that puts you in the grave with more regrets then dollars in your pocket.”

4. Bad dog!

“Their untrained, unleashed dog.

GTFO with that mess and don’t bring it out in public until you have actually given it some meaningful training and a leash.

Also, if you are not physically capable of restraining that dog, don’t bring it out in public ever.”

5. NOPE.

“Having kids. I’ve known I don’t want kids for 10+ years.

“You won’t know unless you have them!” Why would I make kids I’m not sure I’ll like?

That’s a whole other human being, bro. Not some pet. I don’t want to be a dad.”

6. You’re not missing much.


Every time I’d go out and people saw I don’t drink they’d ask me why. When I explained I’m teetotal, they’d try their best to get me to drink.

I’m not a virgin to the stuff; I was a drinker in my teens but realised I h**ed it so packed it in.”

7. Keep it to yourself.

“Their religion.

As someone that grew up around religion and is from a Christian country I always believed if someone’s not interested in religion don’t keep trying to convince them leave them alone.

Don’t try to get your foot in the door, none of that just leave and let them be.”

8. Ugh.

“Being polyamorous.

Had some friends try to pressure my wife and I recently. Supposedly we’re just masking our true desires because we choose to be monogamous. I’ve been called “square” or made to feel inferior because I choose monogamy.

Take a peek into some of these people’s lives, they are full of drama, triangulation, shaming, and mistrust. I’m not against poly, and not all poly relationships are bad at all. It’s definitely the people that have the issues, and we have our own. It just seems a lot more messy to us.

My wife and I love each other very dearly, we’re very close. The thought of throwing another lover in the mix sounds exhausting. It’s hard enough to establish relationships with one person at a time. I almost feel that polyamory can be used as a distraction to not get actually close with people. That’s just me.”

9. Here we go.


Wait actually it is great, let me tell you about it…”

10. Do you have a gluten-free menu?

“Going gluten-free.

It’s dumb, I have Celiac disease and that’s why I think it’s stupid that people choose to give up something that’s actually good for you and I don’t have a choice.”

11. Get moving!


Runners are such evangelists.

Running will change my life apparently.

F**k that. I did a 5k just to shut them up. Successfully completed it a week early.

H**ed every single minute. But now I have the proof it’s not for me.”

12. Stop!

“YouTube Premium.

“OMG, you haven’t subscribed yet?”

No, and I won’t so please shut up about it.”

13. This is fun!

“Potlucks at work.

I’m not spending my time and money for a “fun” work party. If they want to have a causal work get together the company can cater the d**n thing…..plus Cheryl always makes weird s&&t……

And I actually enjoy the vast majority of my coworkers, but the company can suck it before I ever bring in food.”

14. Just fine at home.

“Working from an office.

I get that it’s perfect for some people, but as an introvert, I’m happier doing my job remotely.”

15. Not buying it.

“Cauliflower anything — pizza, rice, mashed potatoes, etc.

Or any food pretending to be other food, for that matter.”

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