15 People Share the Weirdest Places They’ve Ever Fallen Asleep


Where’s the strangest place you’ve ever slept? At your job? Your car? In a dumpster? It’s okay, you can tell us, we won’t judge you.

AskReddit users shared their stories…tell us your stories in the comments.

1. Sleeping on the job.

“On film sets.

First time we were sat in a comfy auditorium for hours on end fake clapping and laughing. One after another someone would doze off and if an AD noticed they’d wake us up – unless the person was quiet enough and the others were making enough noise. During a particular slow turnover I dozed off, and during this period of my life I was a bit phlegmy so I didn’t realise my head had rocked back and I was snoring….. Loud .

Eventually when I came to – the crew were still doing adjustments, I remember this girl’s face as she looked up at me with the most appalled look on her face. I must’ve been snoring badly.

Second time this happened it was very unexpected, I was playing a refugee in a tent with other extras – the director had to place me further away from the others and turn me away from the camera because of how I looked. I lay there awake but pretending to be unconscious for the first and second take. I then wake after who-knows-how-long to clapping and an AD praising us: “…and that’s a wrap guys!”.

My friend on set (another extra) came up to me to say that I didn’t move an inch even when he tried to tell me jokes (we had just clicked on set and were having a lot of fun that day). I had to ask him how long has it been since we started rolling and find out that it’s been a good 3-4 hours….. Easiest paycheck I have or will make in my life.”

2. Very ironic…

“I fell asleep one time waiting before a medical procedure. They had to wake me up so that I could sign paperwork permitting them to put me to sleep.

Oh the irony.”

3. Must’ve been a slow day.

“In the back of an ambulance.

I’m the paramedic.”

4. That sounds scary.

“In a crawlspace when I was a technician for a laboratory.”

5. Very dangerous.

“Underneath the car while doing an oil change.”

6. Didn’t see that coming.

“Wiz Khalifa concert.

Everyone was so high, I fell asleep for a few minutes standing up & the crowd was so thick I didn’t even fall over.”

7. Standing up.

“On the bus, standing up.

In my defense, it was a traffic jam and I hadn’t slept the previous night.”

8. Thanks for the blanket.

“In college, I took a cognitive neuroscience course that involved designed experiments to be carried out in an MRI and how to analyze the brain images afterwards. As part of the course, we all carried out our studies, and I volunteered to be a participant for a few.

When I went to get in the MRI, the tech said I couldn’t wear my sweatshirt in due to the metal near the aglets, so she got me a blanket to keep warm. And to keep my head propped at the right angle, they gave me a stack of pillows.

I definitely unintentionally fucked with someone’s data by falling asleep mid-study.”

9. Sounds kind of nice.

“When I was a kid, like 5 or 6, there was a tree in the front yard I really liked climbing. There was a branch perfectly shaped for little me to lie down on. Early one morning, I woke up and decided to take my sleeping bag up the tree and went back to sleep.”

10. Zzzzzzzzzzz.

“On the deck of a trawler, with a mix of seawater, fish guts, and crude oil lapping against my makeshift bed.”

11. Out in the fields.

“On a tractor while plowing a field. I was doing night shifts during the summer and decided to get some extra hours in during the day so I was tired when doing my actual shift.

I switched on the tractors gps and set it to give me a signal 50 meters before the field ended to wake me up to turn around. The fields were about 1200meters long so id get about 10 mins of sleep befor having to turn around again.”

12. Sounds like a nightmare.

“Techno party with my head on top of a big ass speaker.”

13. They must’ve been desperate.

“During a job interview. He actually had to shake me awake. Weirder yet, I still got the job.”

14. Narcoleptic.

“Bathroom floors, standing up, in the middle of eating. I have narcolepsy so I can seep pretty much anywhere, not always by choice.”

15. Just for a second…

“I volunteered at the local firehouse when I was a teen/early 20s. We got a call one night on the interstate which was a 20 minute drive. Sick me decided to close my eyes thinking I would wake up when the sirens stopped. I woke up when the truck pulled back in the station and turned off with everyone laughing at me.”