15 People Share Their Favorite Questions They Ask to Get to Know Someone Better

It can be pretty tricky trying to get to know someone.

You have to walk a fine line between being interested but not being too overzealous and pushy.

And you want to ask good questions that are going to elicit thoughtful responses.

So what to do…?

AskReddit users shared the questions they like to ask people to get to know them better.

Let’s take a look.

1. Let’s get real.

“What is one thing you wish people knew about you?

It often leads to sincere responses or something they are passionate about.”

2. Pets!

“Tell me about the pets you have had.

Technically not a question, but you will get a wide variety of responses that tell you a lot about them as a person, empathy, possibly fitness.

Or they could say owning pets is a crime against nature, and that is really all you need to know about them.”

3. Let’s get to know you.

“What is something you can talk/rant about for 10 uninterrupted minutes and still have more to say?”

4. Starting point.

“”What’s your oldest memory?”

The answer to the question by itself may actually not reveal a lot, but usually it gets people talking about their childhood, or at the very least the happier parts of it.”

5. What’s your story?

“I like to ask people what their story is.

It always catches them off guard. I love it because they can tell me what they feel comfortable telling me.

Sometimes people have opened up about mental health issues. Sometimes all I get is “I was offered a job and here I am”.

Both responses are very telling of their character!”

6. What do you believe?

““Do you believe in aliens? Why or why not?”

The “why not” explanations can lead to some interesting banter.”

7. Efficient.

“I like to ask someone for their life story in 30 seconds.

Not exactly a question, but I’ve gotten some good responses. Some serious, some not so much.

The first time I did it was on my 21st birthday when I was very much intoxicated and started talking to people I didn’t know (very unlike me).

And then I realized that’s a pretty efficient way to get to know people.”

8. Works for them.

“I’m a therapist.

In my first session with patients, my first question (after I go over paperwork with them) is “Where would you like to start?”

I always get excited when I ask that, because I’m about to be invited into someone else’s inner world, and it is so profound and precious.”

9. What are you into?

“Definitely asking them about their favourite band/music is.

I like to follow up by asking why they like that band/music.

In my experience a lot of people don’t get asked that often so they usually have to think about it a little, but you get some neat answers.”

10. Good luck with that…

“The Big Four.

Religion, ab**tion, politics, and economics.”

11. This will work.

“How was your pandemic?

People will be very honest with you about how their pandemic went and it’s easy to tell if they took it seriously or blew it off.

Either way it says a lot about them. You may also get real deep real fast.”

12. The straight dope.

“What are your thoughts on pickles, mustard, garlic, onion, and sauerkraut?

If they answer in the negative we can’t be friends. I have lenience towards the sauerkraut since not everyone where I live grew up with it like I did.”

13. Works for every age.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?

Regardless of age, this opens up many thoughts. I think most people never feel grown up. We always aspire to be the thing we wanted to be in childhood.

Maybe we didn’t make it but we can still be defined to an extent by what we wanted to be.”

14. Stay away from me.

“Would you rather drink Pepsi or Coca Cola?

If they say Pepsi I make a mental note to stay the f**k away from this lunatic.”

15. Excellent!

“I always ask a twofer

“What do you do…” They respond with their job. “No no. I mean what do you do for fun?” Then I see them light up and get excited about their hobby.

I learn what they do and what they enjoy.”

Now it’s your turn!

In the comments, tell us how you get to know someone better.

Please and thank you!