15 People Share Their Favorite Street Smart Tips

No matter how confident you are about keeping yourself and others safe in public, the truth is that we can always learn more – and you know, refreshers are never a bad thing, either.

So whether you’re about to step out for the first time on your own or are just trying to remember what your parents taught you all those years ago when you were traveling alone for the first time, you’re going to love this list of 15 solid tips.

15. “How’s the motorcycle club?”

I “answer” my phone with “hey dad I’m almost home.” If there’s a creepy guy too close.

I also have a specific friend who I know is an insomniac, and if some one is being sketchy on the train I am on late at night, I will ring him and be all “Hey hun, almost home now, want me to pick up food?” “Aww you didn’t have to come meet me at the station”

He rolls with it every time, he is a great fake husband.

14. So many reasons why.

Don’t walk around staring at your phone after dark. It’s immensely stupid.

1: It lights up your face from a mile away like a dumb, distracted easy mark.

2: You aren’t at all aware of your surroundings, even if you believe you are. We’re nowhere near as good at multitasking as we assume.

3: If you suddenly DO need to look up at impending danger, your eyes are adjusted for bright light rather than darkness and you won’t be able to clearly see who’s around you.

13. Confidence is key.

Act like you live wherever you are — like you know the place. Like you know exactly where you are going. I use a wheelchair and do this whenever I travel. I figure out where I am going before I venture out.

If I am lost, I duck into a store or restaurant in order to look at my phone or ask directions. Be focused on the direction you are going and don’t act like a fucking tourist. Ironically I feel much safer by myself when I can act like this instead of when I’m traveling with some clueless friend or relative who has to stop for pictures every 20 feet.

I rarely, if ever, get approached for money or anything when I am by myself. But throw in my dumb aunt Susan and we’re brushing off weirdos all day long.

12. Don’t be an easy mark.

Theres this reflex people have when bumped up against. They will immediately go and check where ever they keep their wallet/money.

So sometimes pickpockets will send in recon people who will just kinda get a little too close and bump into people. Then the actual pickpockets can see where you check and go for that pocket.

11. People don’t change.

If anyone ever makes the conscious decision to steal anything from you, never trust them. Ever. If they will steal a lighter from you, they will steal your weed, your money, your jewelry, your car, you name it.

Stay away from stupid motherf*ckers. They’ll get you in legal trouble, hurt, or killed despite their best intentions or how friendly they are.

IF you sell drugs, dont get sloppy. Sloppy = weakness and somebody WILL set that ass up.

1 dollar bills stack up over time.

If u broke, a bag of potatoes is like $2.50

Backing down from a fight may hurt your ego but will keep you alive longer.

That being said, sometimes u gotta fight… Pick your battles wisely.

Not every one who calls themselves your friend is your friend. Not everyone you call a friend, is a friend.

If you even think for one second u should bail… Get the f*ck up outta whatever situation u are in immediately.

If you accidentally disrespect someone, apologize immediately. Buy them a beer/offer a cigarette. Ive seen this save lives.

More often than not, loud people bring the noise, quiet people bring the guns.

That being said, never underestimate how bad somebody wants to “prove” themselves.

AND watch out for “livewires”. A livewire is somebody who gets hyped up and excited eazy. Will shoot first, never ask questions.

If you aint from the streets/hood/ghetto, dont act like you are.

If an older, street knowledgeable person tells you “dont do/ dont go (fill in the blank)” dont f*cking do it.

Smoke weed. Dont fuck with any type of powder.

If the blunt is already rolled, dont smoke it.



Look, Listen, and Learn.

10. So interesting – and helpful!

Saw a TV show where ex- street con artists told of the tricks people use, so that viewers could guard against them.

In some train stations, bus stations etc there are advertising posters (put by the police or local authorities) warning people against pickpockets. “Do you know where your wallet is?”

People see the poster and immediately move their hand to the pocket where their wallet is, to check it was there. And by doing so they give the location away to the pickpockets, who are watching.

The people on the show said that posters like this helped the pickpockets more than it reduced crime.

9. Just in case.

Count every possible exit in any room you enter. I sometimes also scan for anything I could use to defend myself if need be.

8. You don’t know them.

Don’t worry about hurting someone’s feelings over your own safety. If it feels wrong, it is wrong.

7. Crazy people are too much trouble.

Talk to yourself, you’ll make even the craziest f*cker nervous.

Pacing around and angrily muttering to your phone will keep even the dodgiest of crackheads at bay.

6. It’s a small thing.

Walk confidently and with your head up. If you walk around like a victim you will eventually become a victim.

Don’t let anyone think they can mug you or tease you and get away with it. Because then they will, and they will get away with it.

5. Follow the leader.

Watch how locals walk at night alone in a big city: head down, wearing mostly black, quiet, hands in pockets and not making a scene. While still being aware and knowing exactly where they are going. Being loud or weird in any way only draws weirdos and drug addicts to you. Usually people will only try to rob you or fuck with you if they see an opening. Don’t show them that you have one.

The second I see someone wearing bright colors, looking around for where to go or being noticeable in any way I can instantly tell they aren’t from around here. So can the thieves and criminals.

4. Is this a real thing?

Golden Rule of the Street:

Respect the Street, and allow the Street to respect you.

Walking with purpose is a major factor for the latter.

3. Or you know. One.

Never break two laws at once. Got something in your car that’s illegal? Better not be speeding, stop completely at red lights…ext.

2. Because they respect an imaginary dude more than you.

For girls, make up a fake boyfriend to get creeps away. If you’re being followed, don’t freeze up and just keep walking. Go into the nearest fast food place or store.

Keep your eyes forward and don’t look at people. And please, for the love of god, don’t stop in the middle of the sidewalk.

You need to be standing still to be mugged, and its easier to be grabbed if your not moving. If someone tries to stop you, keep walking. They ask the time, check your watch, tell them but do not stop walking.

1. Ah, yes, the city face.

Count the room. Count the exits.

City Face: Don’t look happy in a dense area on the street. Look slightly pissed. If you have something to be happy about, that’s something someone wants.

I had definitely forgotten some of these.

What else are we forgetting? Tell us in the comments!