15 People Share Times When Their Expectations Were Completely Shattered…In a Bad Way

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It’s always pretty discouraging when you’re really, really excited about something and then once it happens…it’s a major letdown.

It could be a movie, a restaurant, a life experience, anything really.

Has this ever happened to you?

AskReddit users shared their personal stories in this department.

1. Bad timing.

“Moving to Hong Kong.

All ‘get to know you’ work events were canceled due to protests. Then Covid hits in Jan and I’ve been stuck in my 400 square foot apartment ever since.

I have no friends and am bored as fuckkkk.”

2. People are all fired up about this.

“Game of Thrones Season 8.

What really burns is that it retroactively ruins the rest of the series.

I can’t enjoy the greatness of the earlier seasons knowing how badly they’re going to shit the bed at the end.”

3. Try it in the shower!

“Shower sex.

It seems really great in theory, but I didn’t really enjoy it. It’s cramped, one of you is usually cold or getting a direct hit of water to the face, water is an anti-lubricant, and it can be scary losing your footing.

Much better to have sex and then take a shower together in my experience.”

4. Uh uh.

“Going clubbing, literally torture, don’t know why I thought it would be amazing.

You mean you don’t like paying $20 to stand in a line for two hours? Then get ignored by the bartender for another hour while you try to pay $10 for a shitty beer? Then have a bunch of guys try to fight you all night because your girlfriend is with you?

What could possibly be unappealing about all that?”

5. Intense and scary.

“Salvia. It was pretty intense and scary coming out of it

Then I did it 2 more times.

My friend brought some over to my house when I was like 20 (2014)

She said it was intense, and not like getting high. She made sure she knew I would be tripping. I put on this video and ripped a small one hitter of average grade salvia. Seconds later, the last thing I remember before straight tripping was everything going all wavy like a Wayne’s World transition.

I thought I’d be aware of what was going on around me. My body was on stoner auto-pilot, but in my consciousness, like what I was seeing/feeling, was on a whole other level. It felt like I was falling and melting into the couch at the same time. Resisting that feeling felt like peeling your brain off some velcro.

I came out of it and that’s when I started paying attention to the video. I was one with the video for maybe 2 minutes.When I became aware of my surroundings and my friend again, I still felt super funky. If you’ve ever tried antidepressants, that part felt like when your body is getting used to it x10.

The whole thing from rip to clear-headedness only took like a half hour. The peak of the trip was like 5 minutes max.”

6. Never works out.

“Friends with benefits situation.

I fell in love, she did not, now we’re nothing and it will stay that way forever.

7. Teaching abroad.

“I had a long time dream of living abroad in Asia and I am currently teaching English in Seoul. Not the worst deicsion if my life, but a lot less fun than I thought.

The anti forigner sentiment is strong, amd even people who have been here much longer and speak much better Korean are rarely integrated due to the xenophobic culture, so I will be leaving after my contract.”

8. Not doing that again.


Coughed my brains out, threw up everywhere, then spent the next two hours silently criticizing myself for every little flaw.

One and done.”

9. Sounds terrible.

“Sleeping in a cave hotel in turkey.

Man, was i excited! It was a nice room in a nice hotel with the nicest view in kappadokya.

And then the door behind me and my friend closed and there was no wifi, no windows, no (natural) light and no heat.

The night was long, cold and damp and i asked myself how i had not thought about this before? I mean its a fucking cave. I felt so stupid holding on to that clammy blanket in eternal darkness.

Please dont sleep in a cave. Ita not romantic and cosy. Its how people used to get pneumonia (i assume).”

10. A musician’s life.

“Being a successful musician.

It’s nothing but fucking travelling! There are two hours of fun in a day full of shit. Also, not knowing everybody’s name when they know yours sucks ass! It’s a perfect recipe for decadent, self indulgent, hedonism which makes you feel like a narcissistic asshole floating through with nothing of substance to offer.

Then there are all the bullshit compliments, people telling you how great you are, but really, they secretly hate you as much as admire you.

Want to separate yourself from people? Jump up on a stage, you will be far away from any sense of humanity up there.”

11. Sporting events.

“Honestly any sport game you go and your team have a terrible game, for example i went to a celtic v dundee match and it was the most boring thing ever it was cold as frick and it ended 0-0 (we were top of the they were bottom).”

12. Pricey.

“Moved from Houston to DC for a job, moved my fiance out of her job so i could take the promotion.

6 months later virus has hit and I lost my job…luckily she got her new job 2 weeks before the virus hit and is working from home, so we are still getting by. But the price difference between the two is crazy high. My salary doubled so we thought we would be able to afford it.

A 2 bedroom 1 bath 700 square foot in DC is 2200, Houston has the same thing for 1200 easy.”

13. Not worth it.

“Disneyland – it was vaguely excited to go but found it to be be lame, tacky, stupidly expensive and over-crowded.

And I went on a weekday in early March, the crowds must be a fucking nightmare in summer.”

14. We feel you…

“Growing up.

Becoming an adult.”

15. An interesting perspective.

“The internet turned out a lot worse than I thought. It’s not entirely bad, not at all, but you would THINK it would lead to a more informed public.

But no. It created echo chambers for isolated freaks to get even more wrong than they were before.

I feel like we don’t live in an Information Age, we live in a misinformation age.”

You just gotta make sure these kinds of moments don’t drag you down. You know what I’m saying?

How about you? Have you had experiences like this?

If so, please share them with us in the comments!