People Talk About Things They Thought Were Going to Be Amazing but Turned out to Be Horrible

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Don’t you hate it when you’re really excited about something and it TOTALLY lets you down?

It’s a huge bummer!

But, life is full of these kinds of moments, so I guess we just have to deal with them and roll with the punches.

What did you think was going to be amazing but turned out to be horrible?

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about this…

1. A new country.

“Relocating from Ireland to Beijing on my own. Was more excited than I ever was before at the prospect of moving to and exploring Asia for a while.

It got extremely lonely extremely quickly, and there were issues going on at home that made me feel helpless being on the other side of the world.

I didn’t last very long.”

2. Don’t go back.

“Sex with my ex.

Every single time I think “it’s familiar, they know what I like, and we both know the relationship is over so decent boundaries are established.”

No, no, and no.”

3. Big mistake.

“Moving in with my ex.

Worst mistake and wake up call of my life.”

4. Traveling brings out the worst in some people.

“Travelling with people you’re only alright with. It’s like the perfect storm for every single problematic/annoying trait they have. People wandering off from the group, fights/conflicts, whining about plans, acting entitled, etc.

We had someone neurotically booking dinner reservations at expensive/bad restaurants because they were trying to make sure we didn’t starve or hit a tourist trap. I realized solo/close friends/family travel is all I can tolerate.”

5. A tough decade.

“My 20’s. So far.

20s are incredibly overrated. I used to think people were bullshitting to make themselves feel better when they said it gets better the older you get, but I see now that it’s true.

You worry so much about what you’re supposed to be in your 20s, then you hit 30 and it’s like “fuck it, this is who I am” and you make the best of it from there.”

6. A big letdown.

“My first professional job. I was just a secretary, but it was for the state, paid well, and I had to wear a suit. Fancy!

Turns out the boss was an office hoarder obsessed with happiness. She spent most of her employees’ work hours being a social director. I was having an exceptionally difficult year, failing to have a baby, even though I was seeing a specialist, while my grampa, who raised me, effectively my dad, was dying due to medical neglect. I wasn’t raging or crying at the office, just reserved from being sad, and introspective due to big life grief.

She finally told me if I couldn’t come to work with a smile on my face, I should find another job. Believe me, I was trying my hardest to do just that!”

7. Brain is scrambled.

“Online classes.

You think it would be awesome to go at your own pace, but in actual fact, your brain gets so scrambled with due dates that you get overwhelmed very quickly.”

8. Sorry…

“My heart was filled with joy when I heard that they were reviving Teen Titans.

You can guess how well that turned out.”

9. Once was enough.


It was an absolute shit show for me and I’m glad I only went once.”

10. Didn’t improve…

“Moving into a shared flat with a few friends with the thought our friendship would improve. Our friendship basically remained the same (didnt get any better, and might have even gotten a bit worse) and the flat is horrible and in desperate need for renovation that the Landlord probably wont fix anytime soon.

We have had a few parties here, but they weren’t really worth it most of the time. Moving out in about a week and couldn’t be happier

Worst part is that by moving here I ended up screwing up the relationship with my ex and it kinda hurts knowing we might still have been together if I hadn’t kept thinking living with several friends would be better for an extrovert like myself, even though my old place was pretty much perfect.”

11. 2020 sucks.

“This whole year.

I had a new job lined up paying double what I was making before. I had several once in a lifetime trips scheduled with friends and family from other countries. I was planning on getting pregnant and having my first baby. We were going to buy a house.

We had to cancel all plans, including baby, because I am afraid of being in the hospitals with all this covid shit going on. New job closed for safety, but I still got laid off my job I was leaving. And now all flights aren’t happening.

Yay 2020.”

12. No more remakes!

“Most movie remakes these days.

I’ve known since the first trailer for the first Disney reboot that this trend sucks. I think the only long-time sequel/reboot that hasn’t sucked is Jumanji.”

13. Meh…

“Less “horrible” and more “meh”. I think it was 2000 or 2001 and there was some new secret invention being hyped before its unveil as so revolutionary cities would have to be restructured around them.

Everyone thought this was going to be the beginning of flying cars or something similar.

Ended up being segways…”

14. Not a fan.

“Alcoholic root beer.

I like every kind of root beer, including diet. Some are better than others, but I was always of the mindset that you can’t screw up root beer.

But the alcohol infused root beer just tastes like root beer with a shot of vodka dropped in it.”

15. Not a good year to graduate.

“My senior year of university.

I just graduated last week via a zoom sideshow.”

16. Don’t do it!

“Tasting vanilla extract on its own.

I relearn this every few years because even though I know it is terrible it just smells so good so I have to try ot again.”

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