People Discuss Things That Are Universally Considered “D**k Moves”

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There’s really no beating around the bush: some things that people do are just total d**k moves.

I’m talking about things that would be considered very rude and inappropriate across all cultures, no matter where you are.

Let’s see what AskReddit users consider universal “dick moves.”

1. Disgusting.

“Not cleaning up after yourself in communal places like public toilets. It’s really not that hard to pick up that toilet brush and send your sticky shit on its merry way.

The worst example of this though? I lived in a housing for students by a Uni. I guess most of the people there were pampered to hell and back, because they could not clean up after themselves for shit.

I am talking about eating a chicken and leaving the bones in the sink with a garbage bin but a couple of meters away.”

2. Bad neighbors.

“Playing music so loud that your neighbors can hear it.

Especially in the middle of the night.”

3. Not holding back.


You’re fucking up our beautiful world, you lazy, disgusting, entitled brat.”

4. Clean it up.

“Not cleaning up your stuff after eating at a fast food place.

“But its their job”. Its just a shitty thing to do.”

5. Just a minute.

“Parking in a handicap spot because you will only be a minute.

I saw a car with no tag parked in a handicap spot once and then a handicapped guy just straight parked behind him, got himself and his chair out, and proceeded to go about his shopping. I waited for the other guy to come out so I could see his reaction.

He just walked around confused like he didn’t know what was going on. Swearing under his breath. I laughed my ass off. I could taste the justice.”

6. Just put it back.

“Leaving a shopping cart at the very end of a parking lot.

Coming into a grocery store when we close in less than 5 minutes and expect to get a full carts worth of groceries.

To those that do this: you see the sign before you walk in, don’t act surprised when we tell you that’s enough and to go to check out.”

7. You’ve been ghosted.

“Ghosting someone in a relationship.

It’s not that hard to let them down fairly and respectfully and doesn’t completely wreck their emotions.”

8. Help yourself…

“Going to a house party with no alcohol of your own and just picking up a can without asking.

You people know who you are.”

9. I literally can’t handle this one anymore.

“Talking on speakerphone in a very public place.

10. Wait your turn…

“Can’t believe I have to say this, but stopping and waiting on traffic before merging onto the interstate.”

11. This one!

“Getting upset about wearing masks.”

12. Awful.


I found out I got cheated on last week and I forgot how it makes you feel. I don’t get how you can lie to someone you care about and then just be a human trashbag.

If you cheat, you’re the lowest of the low.”

13. Not cool at all.

“Announcing anything at a wedding that isn’t your own.

No engagements or proposals or baby announcements.


14. Just don’t do this.

“Commenting on someone’s weight.

Unless they are a danger to themselves, never comment on weight.

I don’t care if they are thin or overweight, you don’t say jack shit.”

15. Be gracious…

“Complaining if someone gifts you something you already own.

Graciously accept their generosity and express your gratitude that they went to the effort to try to do something to make you happy.

Don’t bring up that you already have it, it makes people feel bad, and even if you bring it up with good intentions it’s still hurtful and should be something you consider in private.”

16. See this every day…

“Passing the entire line of cars waiting on the off ramp in traffic and then dipping in at the last second.”

Total dick moves!

All of them!

I’m glad we see eye to eye on this…

Now we want to hear from you!

In the comments, tell us what you think are universal dick moves.

Please and thank you!