15 People Share Useful Websites More People Should Know About

There are so many thousands of websites on the internet that it would literally be impossible to keep track of them all. That means there’s a good chance that you’re missing out on some totally cool and useful sites by no fault of your own!

We hate to hear that, honestly, and so why not utilize the internet to help you with the internet? These 15 people have some great ideas about where you might want to navigate next!

15. This could come in super handy.

remove.bg is a great way to remove any background.

14. No more fooling you.

Tineye and Foto Forensics. Do you want to know if an image is shopped, cropped or otherwise altered? Using these two tools you’ve got a good chance of finding out.

Tineye is reverse image search on steroids and foto forensics provides free image analysis tools.

13. For the weather nerds.


This one lets you see where lightning strikes in real time! Can be reassuring to see the lightning get further and further away, it’s also pretty neat in general!

12. I like the sound of that.


Allows you to watch and sync netflix, prime video, downloaded videos, streaming from browser, youtube with your friends while opting to be on voice/video call with them for FREE and NO ADS.

11. It might save us all.

ID Ransomware https://id-ransomware.malwarehunterteam.com/

If you ever get Ransomware in your computer you can take a encrypted file and out it into this website and it will tell you if any security researchers have cracked it so you can get your files back.

And if it hasn’t been cracked you can sign up for email notification so when it is cracked you get an email. I havnt used it but someday it might save me or you.

10. I think this would freak me out.


It’s an AI that creates faces of made up people. Pretty interesting.

9. A quick summary.

Terms of Service.

Didn’t Read summarizes terms of service and rates them for privacy.

8. My new favorite person.

Enjoy cartoons? Please enjoy every cartoon ever made all in one place!


You are either my new favorite person or the reason I will be fired and divorced. Will update you when I reach the bottom on the index.

7. Music to your ears.

I ADORE mynoise.net. It’s an archive of customizable sound generators with everything from music, nature sounds, sound cancelling, ambiances, and meditative drones etc. I focus best with some kind of white noise, and this website has a ton to choose from and it is free.

My favorite feature is the customizable, animated sliders so you can listen to storms that ebb and grow automatically. It is great for TTRPGs too.

The sound engineer who runs it has put together all kinds of specific settings like churches, cities, forests, faires, dungeons, etc. Seriously, people should check it out

6. For the design challenged.


Randomly generates 5 matching colors for you to use for paint jobs or designing.

5. For your travel planning needs.


Gives you full directions from any two places from door to door including trains, busses and ferries. With options to fly to nearby places and take transit to get to your final destination.

4. College students!

Project Gutenberg.

Taking all the books that are copyright free and making digital copies available.

In college and the school wants you to buy the complete works of Shakespeare for $40? F**k that noise! Free!


3. Learn a new language!

If you’re interested in languages or trying to learn a new language I recommend Forvo.com, you can look up a word and hear native speakers pronounce it. It’s based on volunteers uploading their recordings of the various words.

It’s pretty useful for when you’re working on your pronunciation.

2. Better than Google.


Best translator I’ve found. It’s quite intuitive and even translates idioms and slang. They’ve got around 20 languages as of their most recent update.

1. Everyone loves free!

https://storyset.com/ or https://undraw.co/

Open-sourced illustrations by designers who contribute on their spare time

I’m definitely going to be looking up a few of these in the near future, how about you?

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