15 People Share What Immediately Makes Their Anxiety Go Through the Roof

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Are there things in life that immediately make your teeth clench? For me, it’s bumper-to-bumper traffic. No matter what time of day (or how much coffee I’ve had), major traffic jams make me totally anxious.

AskReddit users went on the record to share the things that really get them going.

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1. Up all night

“Typically something at work that either I screwed up or may have screwed up. This results in me realizing it in the middle of the night and panicking. Then I’m up all night.

It’s always something that never matters at the end of the day.”

2. That’s never fun

“When I reach into my pocket and my wallet is gone.”

3. Don’t answer that

“A knock on my front door because it’s never anybody I want to talk to.”

4. Nerve-wracking

“When I’m driving and the police get behind me.”

5. Frightening

“Being left alone with my future mother-in-law.”

6. It’s coming from inside the house!

“When I’m home alone and hear a noise coming from inside the house.”

7. The absolute worst

“Going to bed on Sunday nights.”

8. Never a good thing

“We need to talk.”

9. Uncomfortable

“Driving with people who can’t control their road rage.”

10. Always a sketchy experience

“Having to walk past a group of teenagers. Nope nope nope.”

11. What’s wrong?

“Getting a “call me” or “where are you” text from my dad.”

12. Now what?

“The “check engine” light comes on.”

13. Like a horror movie

“When I was a kid: waiting in line at the grocery store. Mom says “I forgot something, brb” and you’re getting closer and closer to the cashier but your mom hasn’t come back yet.”

14. Faster!

“When I pay at a gas station with cash and there are 10 people behind me and I can’t put my money in my wallet fast enough while trying to take my items and move.”

15. Uh oh

“My husband coming home in the middle of the day. It usually means he lost his job.”