15 People Share What Makes Them Truly Happy

Is happiness totally elusive for some people?

A lot of folks search their whole lives for true happiness and, sadly, they come up empty.

But maybe this article can help steer them in the right direction! Because everyone, and I mean everyone, deserves to be happy in the short time we have here on this planet.

Here are some interesting answers from AskReddit users about what makes them happy. Let’s take a look.

1. All the good stuff.

Fridays from about 6pm-10pm.

It’s about the only time I don’t worry about all the things going on in my life, and my mind lets me enjoy the current moment even if i am not doing anything productive.

“My family and friends, kind and passionate people, watching people enjoy life, old poetry, art, books, the sea, a forest, the smell of early morning, classical music, dancing, joking, lifting weights, cooking, eating, tending a garden, helping someone, ironing, good conversation, etc, etc.”

2. New friends.

“Meeting new people especially as a very socially anxious person.

And not small talk, I mean MEETING new people and clicking right away. For me it doesn’t happen often but when it does it’s one of the best feelings ever.”

3. I’m with you!

“Reading and Music.

It’s just exhilarating. It helps to escape reality.”

4. Help each other out!

“Seeing the smile on people’s faces whenever I help them.

Also to help someone a little technology challenged learn new stuff and tricks since it’s what I do best.”

5. Letters.

“A handwritten/typewritten letter from a friend or loved one. Maybe it’s just nostalgic… I’m not entirely sure.

What I am sure of is that it is a kind gesture and shows a certain level of intimacy.”

6. That’s always nice.

“When I go anywhere that involves customer service and the person working there is genuinely nice and polite.

Having worked customer service I always tried my best to assist people while being as nice as I normally am, working sales is hard because you have to be willing to screw people over to make all your sales.

So when I meet someone that reminds me of myself it really makes me happy…too much evil in the world to have to experience it at a place of business.”

7. On the road.

“Riding down the road with my boyfriend.

We laugh and talk about everything, find new places to eat, honk at cows, stop at yard sales.

We are doing that as I type this to go see Tenet which is an hour away. I’m in heaven.”

8. Feed me!


Doesn’t matter how down I get, just give me some Oreos and milk, peanut butter, fried chicken, something with cheese, and I am back in business, baby.”

9. They are great.

“Dogs, any and all kinds

Even huskies, I got attacked by one once, but I bear no grudge, a little frightened if them, but he was just being a doggo.”

10. Space!

“Astronomer here! Space and exploring what’s out there is just so amazing.

Example- did you hear that today they announced the discovery of a completely new kind of black hole? No one was sure if a black hole 100-100,000 times the mass of our sun could exist, and now we know they do, and that can be a real game changer for how all the galaxies formed!

Space is so cool!”

11. Passion is contagious.

“Listening to someone talk about something they’re passionate about.

Their excitement gets me excited about the subject and sometimes I’ll learn something new.”

12. Feeding the birds.

“I just installed a bird feeder and can sit at my kitchen table and watch all the hungry customers come by.

I don’t know why, but it always makes me smile.”

13. Reconnecting.

“I have a friend who we were so close few years ago but we had a phase of breaking apart.

We started talking again and I just got back from her graduation.

I feel happy she invited me.”

14. These are all good.

“Clean bed sheets. Naps. Bobbing in a large body of water. Reading a new book from my favorite author.

Smelly candles. My family playing Rock Band. Taking my bra off after a long day. Holding a baby. Riding a roller coaster.

Thunder storms. A cuppa.”

15. Hamilton!

“The fact I can see Hamilton on Disneyplus anytime I want. I have a chronic illness so traveling is hard for me, but I’ve dreamed of seeing Hamilton live in New York for years though.

I discovered it during my most stressful semester of college when I thought i was going to fail a difficult class and have to put all my academic plans on hold to repeat a semester.

That soundtrack would calm me down and motivate me to study and do my absolute best and not compare my grades to my classmates. In the end, I passed with a C and it was the only C in my entire academic career but I passed! I couldn’t have done with without Hamilton

The fact I can see it in my own home whenever I want is life changing and it makes me so happy. With everything going on right now, it’s a wonderful distraction from the rest of the world.”

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