15 People Share What’s on Their ‘Anti-Bucket List’ of Things They’ll Never Do Before They Die

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Everyone likes to talk about what’s on their bucket list — skydiving, traveling, climbing a mountain. But what about your “anti-bucket list”?

I’m talking about things that you have no interest in doing whatsoever, and are totally fine with never trying in your lifetime. AskReddit users shared their feelings on the subject. How about you share yours in the comments, okay?

1. Okay…

“Throwing a fragmentation grenade.

I know I could do it, but too often I’ve thrown things somewhere and accidentally hit something not supposed to hit. I’d have too much fear that I’d just yeet that thing 3m in front of me instead of far away.”

2. Colorblind

“Flying a plane. I am colorblind thus I cannot get a pilots license. I personally find it ironic since people with my specific brand of color blindness were roped into the Air Force in WW2 because they could distinguish German camouflage from the skies.”

3. It would be majestic

“Ride a moose.

But imagine just how majestic you’d look.”

4. Nope

“Skydiving, not for me, no no, nu-huh.”

5. No way, bro

“I’ll never leave the solar system on a multi-generational colony ship headed for another star. There’s just no way, bro.”

6. It’s probably not great

“Crack. I’m sure it’s great. Anything that great is always compared to crack, so I’m sure crack is amazing. The best foods “taste like crack,” the best video games are “as addictive as crack.” “

7. My rules

“My personal rule is that if I live to 80 or get a terminal disease before then, I’ll try hard drugs, but if/until that happens, I’m staying away.”

8. Nope

“I’m an arachnophobe, so both Brazil and Australia are definitely on my f*ckit list.

I’m not scared of being bitten. I have a phobia. I don’t want to SEE a spider any larger than a tarantula. If I came across a bird eater or a Huntsman, I’d have a panic attack. I understand it’s rare to run in to one, but still, no thanks.”

9. Not what you’d expect

“Boy, this list would be huge. But #1 is being crazy rich. You know, soccer players level of richness. Even if I managed to get this amount of money, I feel like living in high society must be so tiring, I don’t want to experience this lol.”

10. I’ll pass

“I’m not adventurous, I won’t be climbing Mount Everest.”

11. You sure?

“Tattooing my face.”

12. Not gonna happen

“Bungee jumping! I refuse. I will never throw myself off a bridge, rope or not. I’m convinced my heart will explode or fall out my mouth when i go down. No thank you.”

13. I’m good

“Scuba diving. Deep, dark water where my oxygen is limited and I can’t see? Ya, I’m good.”

14. Just say no

“Most hard drugs.

Tried coke. Overall, didn’t even have a great experience, but still found myself thinking “Oh, I see how people get into this”. Which is why I’ve stayed away from it since.

But mostly, I’ve seen a couple friends and acquaintances really mess up their lives with various substances. I’ve recognized that I have a relatively addictive personality and it’s probably best for me not to test my resolve.”

15. Not in the cards

“I’m reasonably certain that a threesome ain’t in the cards. I’m happy to find one person willing to get naked with me, 2 at once seems wasteful..besides where do you put your elbows? Seems so complicated.”

Any of these on your bucket, or anti-bucket list?