People Share the Extremely Awkward Movie Scenes They Watched with Someone Else


We’ve all been in that icky situation where you squirm uncomfortably in your seat while a gratuitous sex scene plays out on screen that you have to pretend isn’t happening because of whom you’re with. Maybe it was your parents, maybe a blind date, or maybe it was your 10th grade English teacher (my school was progressive). No way around it – it’s the worst.

How do your personal experiences measure up to these stories from AskReddit users?

1. Miscommunication

“I was watching The Waterboy when my brothers new girlfriend (who did not speak English) came into the room just as Adam Sandler’s love interest takes her shirt off (there isn’t actually nudity in the movie where they just show her back.) She shrieked and ran out of the room saying “sorry. I let you finish”.

Due to our language barrier I could not explain to her that I was watching a PG-13 movie. I asked my brother to clarify it to her but he found it more amusing to let her think otherwise.”

2. Little brother

“My little brother (who was 15 at the time) fell in love with the movie the Perks of Being a Wallflower. I don’t know why he loved it so much but he would always have deep conversations with me about the messages behind it. He loved the movie so much, he wanted to show it to our parents. Our religious homophobic parents.

Sitting through the drag scene was so uncomfortable. My brother looked nervous because he knew about them being the way they were but wanted them to appreciate the movie beyond that. After not even two minutes my dad got up with a disgusted look on his face. “Turn that off! They’re promoting homosexuality!” My mother left too, with a disgusted look on her face. My little brother looked like he was about to cry. As much as my brother can be a sh*thead, I’ve never felt more sorry for him.”

3. Movies with Mother

“Hard choice between the wrestling scene in Borat or Bruno.


The unrated version of 40 Year Old Virgin where there is like a minute long scene of a naked lady pretty much talking to the camera.

All three movies I watched with my mom.”

4. D*ick flick

“Walk Hard, with my eleven year old daughter.

The first full frontal penis, I was startled, but tried not to overreact.

The second one, I reached to cover her face.

The third time, she ducked, “Why are you hitting?”

No clue what babble came out of my mouth, but we toughed it out, because at that point, it’s done. I took my little girl to a d!ck flick accidentally.

All these years later, she tells the story hilariously. She didn’t really notice the them. “But then mom’s all slappy with me in a funny movie, and that last one was the only one I even remember!”

Lesson: kids filter what they don’t understand. If i hadn’t made a thing about it, she wouldn’t have noticed.

Kind of like how we all loved Grease as kids. Sing Along, everyone!!! But you never heard those words until you were an adult!”


“One time like 10 years ago I walked by the TV and had to ask my parents a question. They were watching something on HBO and it was some medieval drama sh*t (before Game of Thrones was a show).

A guy and a girl were in the middle of the forest getting it on, like seriously having some frenzied crazy sex. The woman was of nobility and had ‘nice’ medieval clothing. I guess the other guy was some ‘lesser’ peasant that the woman was in love with. He started yelling “I’m going to…” and she started yelling “YOU MUSN’T, YOU MUSN’T.”

So yea, that was awkward. I had to speak while that sh!t was going on behind me.”

6. Never got to finish it

“There’s a scene in North Dallas 40 where two football players are talking in the locker room. One says to the other “You know them fake d!cks?”

I was about 15 and watching this on HBO with my mom and dad. My mom jumped up in front of the TV and started making all kinds of noise until my dad could change the channel.

I didn’t get to see the rest of the movie.”

7. Not your average ballet movie

“Black Swan. My semi-conservative MIL brought me and her super conservative sister to see it bc they thought it was going to be a sweet ballet film, and I legit forgot about the sex scene, so I agreed to go.

As soon as Mila starts making out with Natalie, I was super grateful we were watching the film in a bar-theatre, so I could focus on my beer and ignore their outrage and shock as the scene progressed. My husband still teases me about it.”

8. Not forgiven

“My boyfriend came to visit my family for Christmas last year and obviously wanted them to like him (they love him).

My little sister chose “Kingsman 2″ for movie night and I wasn’t feeling well from the flight so kept leaving the room. Turns out I left the room just before Eggsy awkwardly seduces someone.

I walked in after the scene ended. My dad and boyfriend are looking anywhere but the tv and each other and my little sister has the biggest evil smile across her face.

He still hasn’t forgiven me and swore I left on purpose.”

9. Oscar night

“So a couple of years ago me, my SO and our friends all decided we would watch all the Oscar nominated movies. So for my SO’s birthday he decided he wanted to watch Moonlight with everyone, not really knowing what it was all about.

Well the friend who hosted invited his semi homophobic father in law over to watch it with us. Well host friend took a bar and passed out. Leaving us to watch a movie about a young gay man growing up in the hood with a semi homophobic dude we don’t really know. Fun times.”

10. Not prepared

“Tropic Thunder – the Booty Sweat commercial at the beginning.

I was sitting in the theater right next to the pastor at my church and his wife, who had suggested that we go along with two other friends. You got no warning the movie was starting, it just went from regular trailers right into Booty Sweat. I was horrified, and then as it kept going we couldn’t contain it anymore and all three of us started cracking up while they just sat there.

Fortunately he was pretty cool, and we still enjoyed the rest of the movie even though it’s pretty dirty in spots. But we were not prepared for that opening.”

11. Difficult to explain

“I was watching American History X when I was 15, and my father walked into the living room as the prison shower scene was happening. That was really difficult to explain.”

12. Super awkward

“Watching Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, alone with just my dad was super awkward.”

13. This is probably the worst one

“When I was a little kid I watched My Stepmother is an Alien with my parents. During the sex scene I got an erection. I showed it to them because I was scared. I think I was 7 or something. F*cking embarrassing. It still gets brought up.”

14. I’m sure that helped

“I was watching Pulp Fiction with my then-girlfriend and her parents walk into the living room at EXACTLY the point where Marcellus Wallace was being raped. And then, in my infinite wisdom, instead of just keeping my mouth shut and let the awkwardness pass, I decide to utter something to alleviate the tension, thinking her dad would find it hilarious. I say ” Heh..he’s getting f*cked”. “

15. A whole lot of sexy

“My girlfriend took me to see Magic Mike. I was the only guy in the theater.”