15 People Talk About Negative Mentalities and Mindsets That Need to End


Unfortunately, the world is full of people who don’t want to listen to reason and who think they know everything…even when they’re dead wrong.

All we can do is try our best to educate people and to do the right thing, but it can be very frustrating to deal with people who have awful mindsets and mentalities.

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about things that just need to go away.

1. No love.

“That we should have unconditional love for our relatives.

Bitch, if you hurt me enough, why should I even like you?”

2. Take it down a notch.

“Broadcasting everything on social media.

I have cut way back on my social media presence.

There is absolutely no reason why everyone that I have ever met throughout my life needs to I know every detail of everything that is going on in my life.”

3. Everybody take a deep breath…

“That if a person doesn’t immediately text you back then they don’t love you.

I’ve seen people cry over “well I texted him after 20 mins of him texting me and it’s been 21 minutes and he hasn’t texted me back yet!!! We’re breaking up!”

I’ve even had fallouts with friends because I had to stop texting to drive or go to class. I understand it’s from anxiety, I have clinical anxiety and I understand to a point.

But, it is EXTREMELY anxiety-causing to have to monitor all your text-back times and frequency so the other person doesn’t throw your entire relationship away over not texting back fast enough. It’s ridiculous and I’m so tired of it.

Let people have a life outside of you, their life doesn’t have to be 10000% dedicated to you for them to truly love you. Sometimes the best thing you can have in a relationship, any relationship, is a mutual respect of privacy and time.”

4. It takes time.

“That anything but perfection is a failure.

Progress is often incremental and takes time.”

5. Maybe you’re toxic?

“Everybody that doesn’t get along with you or agree with you is “toxic.”

People are starting to expect being around nobody but people that agree with them, like a constant feedback bubble on social media, but in real life.”

6. Don’t need to hear this one again.

““If you can’t handle me at my worst then you don’t deserve me at my best.”

Sometimes someone’s worst is an absolute deal-breaker and needing to cut ties and move on doesn’t mean that that person doesn’t deserve the good things that come from a better relationship.”

7. Not for everyone.

“A life without children is empty and worthless.

I am confident that I would be a terrible parent, and no it wont change, and no my life will not suffer because of it.

It is better to have that insight and avoid parenthood that have kids you resent, mistreat , or are unprepared for.”

8. Not a good outlook.

“Nobody is interested in having a relationship with me and that definitely means there’s a problem with the sex/sexes I’m interested in as a whole.”

9. Not a chance.

“The customer is always right.

Infuriating for those in retail, food service, etc.”

10. Sad.

“If we do not agree politically then you are an enemy that needs to be destroyed.

Politicians are supposed to be serving the people.

People should be holding the politicians collectively accountable and taking them to task.

Instead, people are fighting each other over politicians at the cost of public interests.”

11. Just existing.

“That being gay or trans is a political statement.

We just exist.”

12. Canceled.

“Cancel culture.

Yes, if someone has raped and assaulted people, I don’t really want to hear from them again (though it seems some get a pass and others don’t, see all of Hollywood applauding Polanski and then banging on about metoo.)

But if someone said “gaaaay” as an insult 20 years ago or tweeted that they voted for someone you dislike, no, I don’t think their entire career and life needs to be destroyed.

I am very left wing, socially liberal, but my God, am I sick of hearing about how awful someone is because they used the wrong pronoun or didn’t use the right word to describe a group of people.”

13. Interesting.

“The anti-nuclear bullshit.

It’s the cleanest, safest power source in the world. It’s reliable and with the proper reactor designs, scalable and portable.

And before anyone says solar, the panels are made with some fairly toxic materials that are very difficult to recycle and will be a massive issue in the next 20-30 years when the current panels need replacement.”

14. You must be a doctor!

“”Vaccines are dangerous, I know what’s best for my child.”

Yeah that 10 minute google search you did to confirm your bias trumps decades of medical research.”

15. This is very common.

“This mentality of older people in industries refusing to train or teach younger people then complaining when younger people don’t know what they’re doing. I deal with this constantly at work. I’m a young guy in my industry and I am the exception to the norm. Most fire investigators are older guys.

They constantly ask me why there aren’t more young fire investigators and I always tell them the same thing. Because you guys made it so difficult to get into the industry by requiring certifications that require five years experience to get, require two court testimonies to get, and so on that no one can get into the industry.

And then if someone does manage to break in, you guys treat them like crap, refuse to help them, and refuse to teach them what they need to know.

There are a ton of critical industries in the United States that are going to have issues because the barriers to getting into the industry are so high and those already in it are so elitist that there’s going to be no one who knows what they are doing left to continue the work. It’s a major problem.

Teach young people. Bring them in. Show them the ways. Don’t be a fucking dick.”

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