15 People Talk About Off-Color Advice That Everyone Should Take Note Of

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We have mentors in our lives for work, school, and general life advice, but what about stuff that people don’t necessarily like to talk about openly?

I’m talking about s*x, relationships, health, etc.

Or, stuff that isn’t routinely brought up at the dinner table or at lunch in the office.

But this kind of stuff is important and we think you need to hear some life advice!

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say.

1. Live and learn.

“Don’t jerk with shampoo, it’ll feel good for a second… until it gets inside your pisser…

Didn’t learn this lesson until I was 35. Don’t BEAT OFF WITH SHAMPOO.

Also, keep tiger balm and icy hot far far away from your balls. If you use it, don’t scratch balls or adjust after. Don’t apply on thighs then wear loose shorts.

Also, don’t ever sit on your balls.”

2. Just do it!

“Use condoms on your insertable s*x toys. Easier cleanup and protecting your body from the toxic not great stuff in mainstream toys.

Ever wonder why they say ‘novelty use only’? Because many cheap out on ingredients and that sh*t can mess you up.

3. FYI.

“Don’t put anything in your butt that doesn’t have a flared base, there’s a lot of room back there and as you relax you don’t want anything to slip all the way inside.

That’ll be a very awkward ER visit.”

4. Get some direction.

“I’ve learned to ask the women I end up in bed with what they like, or just tell them to “guide me” when we start playing.

It shows her you care and so far none of them were turned off by that.

It lets her finish.

I don’t mean guide me as in take charge, just direct me a bit. “A bit to the left/right”, show me where she likes it, take my hand and nudge it or press it etc.

I try to read how she reacts to the things I do but I don’t know what does and does not feel good for her specifically, everyone is different.”

5. The perfect fit.

“Guys, try some condoms of different sizes on to see what fits best.

Magnums and such are not just for length but also girth. If you have trouble maintaining an erection in condoms they could just be too tight/small.”

6. Thank you!

“Clench your butt cheeks to make an untimely or inconvenient boner go down quickly.”

7. OMG.

“Dont let your partner slam down onto your penis after it slips out.


8. Get the good stuff!

“Invest in your s*x toys!

Don’t go cheap.

Go for silicone, glass, or another non-porous material.”

9. Good info.

“The shape of a woman’s labia has absolutely nothing to do with how much s*x she has had or whether or not she is a virgin. The ONLY factor is genetics. Labia come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they change a bit in early puberty, but it has nothing to do with having s*x or touching the area.

Same with breasts. S*x does not change them at all. Age, weight, hormones (possibly from medication) and pregnancy can. But not s*x.

There is no special female hormone released once a woman is s*xually active that causes physical changes to her body. Other than possibly breaking the hymen if it is still intact, the female body is not changed by s*x. Getting older and going through puberty changes a woman’s body, NOT losing her virginity.”

10. It ain’t the size of the ship.

“Big d**k does not mean better s*x.

A lot of times people with smaller penises are more willing to go above and beyond.”

11. Makes sense, right?

“How someone kisses and touches you is probably how they want you to touch them.

Someone nibble your ear? They almost certainly want you to nibble theirs!”

12. For the guys.

“Guys, get the girl off first.

Everything is juicier afterwards, and she will appreciate your skill and thoughtfulness.

Make it all about her, and she will probably reciprocate fully.”

13. The rules of life.

“Men: Rule 1 – Don’t stick your d*ck in crazy.

Women: Rule 1 – Don’t let crazy stick its d*ck in you.”

14. It’s all a show.

“Don’t try to learn from p*rn.

Most of what they do doesn’t actually feel good and is more about putting on a show.”

15. It might save your life one day.

“You should always carry a condom or two in your wallet, purse, pocket, etc. Aside from the obvious reasons of preventing pregnancy, STDs, etc. If SHTF they’re invaluable.

Because in a survival situation a condom is perhaps one of the most versatile things in existence. They can be used to store and carry water, as much as a full liter. Light one on fire and it will burn hot enough to ignite wet wood (just don’t breathe the fumes).

You can use one instead of cordage to tie things up, just stretch out and tie a knot. Put your hand in and you have an instant sanitary glove. Put over your foot under the sock to protect blisters or keep a cut from being exposed to the elements.

Blow up and use as a float for a fishing hook. Use as a makeshift tourniquet. Put one over your phone or camera or flares or anything else you don’t want to get wet.

The list goes on. And they’re cheap!”

How about you?

Do you have any off-color life tips to pass along to others?

Please share them with us in the comments!