People Talk About What Men Should Try Even Though It Might Be Stigmatized as “Unmanly”

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If you’re a man, chances are that you’ve heard something you’ve done be referred to as “unmanly” at some point or another.

Maybe you like to get pedicures?

Perhaps you enjoy getting your hair colored?

The point is that just because some people consider it unmanly doesn’t mean that guys shouldn’t try it out to see if they like it.

Let’s check out what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Take care of it!

“Skin care is a must.

Especially for people working outside all day, a good moisturizer in the morning which has a decent SPF rating will not only protect you against UV damage, it’ll make you silky smooth.”

2. Just do it!

“Wearing a mask, apparently.

I’m the only one at work right now wearing one. One of the bosses will wear one if he’s trying to impress a client who is wearing one.

He did that one day and left it on too long, one of his friends came in and said, “What, you scared?” like they were kids on a playground. And he responded like a kid on a playground, “Nah, I ain’t scared.” and ripped it off. My other boss told us right after we reopened that “bros don’t social distance”.

I really hate it there.”

3. You can have friends that are girls.

“Having females friends that are just friends.

Almost every one of my male friends only have other male friends. All the females in their life they’re just trying to fuck, or date.”

4. Get it on paper.

“Keeping a journal!

I told a friend he should do this as a suggestion for a hobby and his reply was “… But I’m not a 14 year old girl!”


5. Treat yourself!

“Nice underwear.

Underwear with a built in pouch are super comfortable while supporting your genitals. Also the sexier cuts with less fabric are so much cooler than wearing shorts under pants, the case with boxers.

I’m a big dude working in manufacturing and I know you wouldn’t expect me to be wearing a thong most days.”

6. Heading to the salon.

“Going to a salon with actual stylists for haircuts.

What a difference it makes to have someone who knows how to make your specific face look better rather than slapping on a one size fits all cut, plus salons frequently offer sparkling water, wine, etc. which is always a nice plus.”

7. Outfitted.


Not just like suits to events, but every day outfits. Stop just wearing clothes and wear outfits. Coordinate your shirt, your pants, and your jacket. Match your leathers. Get colors, get layers, get socks that are fun and you like. Put on a nice looking watch.

I hear men complain all the time on Reddit that they don’t ever get compliments. I get them all the time (or did, before Covid). Not just by people I know, but literally random people on the street. “I love your shoes”, “That vest looks amazing”, “Awesome watch!” All kinds of stuff. I’ve had men and women stop me and ask where I got certain things.

Men, if you want compliments, dress in outfits.”

8. Open up.

“Open and unrestrained affection with family and friends.

Crying when you feel the need and giving yourself permission to experience it without shame. Talking about your feelings with friends or family, and actually catching up meaningfully and talking while you do so. Also, girly drinks. They’re fucking delicious.

And getting your hair or nails taken care of by a professional and pampering yourself.

Basically… if it’s stigmatized by a society that tells you who to be, remember that they’re enforcing a problematic and limited view of manhood and HEALTHY people, regardless of masculinity, don’t give a shit about if society judges if society is in the wrong or forcing gender roles on people they don’t personally want.”

9. Time to sing!

“Can’t believe nobody mentioned this but broadway musicals, plays, and show tunes in general.

They rock.”

10. This is good.

“Pretty much everything and anything stigmatized as “gay” or “unmanly” is probably going to improve your life, or at the very least is worth trying.

Investing in a better grooming routine, trying ‘feminine’ hobbies like dancing or knitting, thinking about and considering your feelings, being more open to giving and receiving comfort and affection, being unashamed of liking genuinely GOOD shit like fruity cocktails and bright colors, prostate orgasms – really, toxic masculinity has stripped men of so much and forced a lot of them to live scrunched up, repressed little lives.

Learning to let go of that will really help open up your world so much.”

11. Get a green thumb.

“Gardening. There are so many types and so many uses.

Vegetable gardening (the obvious) saves on money and is great to do with kids. Also gives an excuse for wood/metalworking on raised beds, trellises, etc. You can garden in an apartment with relatively inexpensive aquaponics, also.

Cut flower gardening. Fresh bouquet every day really livens up a house. Buy Zinnia seeds. Ipomoea pandurata, Rudbeckia sp., Echinacea sp. alone will give you plenty of blooms from late May to August, at least. That’s probably a $30 investment from Lowe’s.

Native plant/butterfly gardening. If you want to help the environment, it’s significantly more effective than avoiding plastic straws.

Plant trees. Fruit trees, showy trees, whatever. Incredible investment (in inner city, high end neighborhoods, a mature oak or magnolia can increase property values by %20, and acorns are free, so you’re looking at a huge return in 50 years). Also fantastic for the environment. Try to plant native trees as they tend to be pest resistant and zero maintenance.”

12. Cover it up.

“Make up.

I’m not talking full mascara and shit, I mean for covering stuff up. I have terrible dark circles, and no amount of good quality regular sleep or skin cream will make them go away. I just have thin skin there. My wife offered me some make up to cover them and it was incredible. Totally invisible too.

This was higher priced stuff though, so be wary of the cheap stuff.

13. Comfort.

“I feel sorry for men who were not hugged, kissed or comforted while growing up in a familiar ,non sexual way.

Hardly know any white men who have been hugged or kissed by their dad/grandpa/ paternal uncles. I feel sorry for them that they did not grow up with their biological parents and had no emotional support as such.”

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