16 People Share What Men Should Try Even It’s “Unmanly”

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People out there have ALL KINDS of opinions about how you should live your life if you’re a man.

Do this. Don’t do that. That’s not what men do, etc.

And, as you probably already know…it’s all pretty much bullshit.

There are a lot of things considered “unmanly” out there that guys should at least try once…

This is what folks on AskReddit had to say.

1. Friendship is good.

“Over the age of 30 or so, having friends and doing things with them.

Most people I know, if they have friends at all, they’re either work buddies, or family get-togethers. But a couple of guys being friends and leaving the wives to go on a camping trip, etc. just seems weird.”

2. Take care of that skin!


I don’t understand why is so gendered. Why ads focus on ‘you can put this black/navy skincare product and still be manly ‘

It’s skin, is an important human organ, and actually not that different in needs from man/woman.

Everyone NEEDS to wash your face properly and to protect it from dehydration and sun damage.”

3. Self-care!

“Manicures and pedicures. The women in there are usually really nice and it feels amazing.

As someone who bites his nails constantly, they also make me not want to bite them because my nails look so good.”

4. Give it a shot!

“Try sewing.

I’m the seamstress (seammaster?) for my family.

Fixing clothing and making curtains etc can be just as useful as fixing a car, and comes in handy more frequently!”

5. Dick or no dick…

“Going to the spa.

Dick or no dick, we all deserve to be pampered every once in a while.”

6. Write it down.

“Keeping a diary.

You’ll become more reflective and more productive as a result.”

7. They are very popular…

“I’m all in on the bidet.

Bought it for my parents as kind of a prank gift and my dad wouldn’t let my mom keep it. “I don’t want water shooting up my ass!”. I kept it and wouldn’t go back. Way cleaner, suprisingly refreshing, and I was the one laughing when nobody could find toilet paper in the stores.

A roll lasts me forever now.”

8. When it’s safe again…

“Quality hugs for your bros.

Don’t do the ol’ shoulders touch and pat on the back.

Grab your friend and give them a hug!”

9. Let it all out.

“Thinking, talking about and understanding your emotions.

I’ve made the long transition from being closed off to being open about the way i feel and its strengthened my marriage and friendships in such a way that i can honestly say ive never been happier.”

10. Get busy in the kitchen.


Fucking hell, don’t rely on others for something you need everyday.

Deliveries and take aways are expensive, and it’s really really satisfying when you whip up something and it’s delicious. Eating noodles and microwave meals all the time isn’t really that much better too. You can make a pretty good pasta for like $1-3 or so per portion.

And to those men who say “I’d just marry someone who cooks”, yeah right what if the “one” doesn’t know how to cook?”

11. Pampered.

“When my husband and I first started dating I turned him on to the magic of baths.

We did face mask and bath bombs(which he really thought would explode) and bath salt(which he was worried would make him a zombie). Now he drags me into lush and ask if after our date nights if we can take a bath.

I keep talking about “when we buy a house…” and he follows up with it needs a nice tub.”

12. Drink up!

“Cocktails – they’re delicious, and I’ve found some of the tastiest come in the daintiest glasses and have the effeminate/flirty names:

Pink Passion, sweet seacrest blue, Sex on the Beach, etc. that aren’t the “manliest” to say/order.”

13. An important one.

“If I remember correctly, social workers are mostly female, but young boys need good male role models too, and there should be a demand for male social workers since there are so few of them.

So, being a social worker.”

14. Yoga is GREAT.

“Guys should definitely try yoga!

at the very least, it’s a form of exercise that builds balance, flexibility and strength in each and every pose, is low-impact enough to be done until old age, but is challenging enough to build muscle.

plus if you go into the other aspects of yoga, including meditation, breathing, concentration, etc., life feels better and lighter.”

15. I love you, man.

“Telling your male friends you love them.

Just at the end of highschool my group had several deaths occur. Car accident, cancer, suicide and a couple murders. Now in my current group we say love you after most conversation. Some people think it wierd but fuck em. People aren’t around forever.

Better to let them know how you feel while you can.”

16. Let it out.

“Crying. Just let it out, guys.

You can do it!

Don’t apologize for it or hide it either.”

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