15 People Talk About What Conspiracy Theories Might Be True

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Even if I don’t believe in some conspiracy theories, I still think they’re a lot of fun to read about because they’re totally creepy and fascinating.

But could some of them actually be true?

You never know, and that’s why it’s so interesting to dive into these different subjects and to do your homework.

What conspiracy theories could possibly be true?

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say.

1. Space race.

“The Lost Cosmonauts

Subjects of a conspiracy theory alleging that Soviet cosmonauts went to outer space before Yuri Gagarin, but their existence has never been publicly acknowledged by either the Soviet or Russian space authorities.”

2. JFK.

“That the CIA assassinated JFK.

JFK was about to cut funding before he died, and then they covered up data about the assassination. Also, the CIA made the word conspiracy theory after he was killed.”

3. Royal business.

“Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were ordered to emancipate from the royal family to distract the world from the fact that Prince Andrew is a pedophile.”

4. Thoughts?

“The government intentionally fuels the racial divide in America.

The more y’all keep fighting amongst yourselves and looking at each other as the enemy, the more they get away with fucking you all over with little to no consequences.”

5. MJ.

“Michael Jordan gambling retirement theory – most likely NBA found Michael betting on games he shouldn’t have, would always be on himself (the guys who is massive), but any gambling by professional athletes related to their own team or sport will bring the game into disrepute.

That said, I don’t subscribe to the theory that his fathers death was related to anything to do with MJ.”

6. Deep in the ocean…

“Something crazy big living inside of the ocean like a kraken size organism

We have just explored 5% of earth’s ocean and while 5% of visible universe has already been researched…simply due to the fact that ocean would have immense pressure way below there’s a chance that whatever lives there would be quite strong

Humans have always found crazier and scarier marine life while going deeper into the ocean and the fact we are investing way more to get out of the earth than to explore it isn’t making any sense to me…WHY ARE WE SO EAGER TO LEAVE?”

7. The day the world changed.

“I still find it hard to believe the government had fighter jets scrambled, yet they didn’t shoot down flight United 93 on 9/11.

The plane was hijacked and was turning back towards Washington D.C. The World Trade Center towers had both been hit, as was the Pentagon.”

8. You never know.

“TikTok is Chinese government owned propaganda platform, plus it is gathering every single user’s personal data.”

9. I’ve heard this before.

“That Charles Manson was in cohorts with the CIA to test out experimental drugs to control people’s minds and do what they’re told.”

10. Scary to think about.

“The USA government is funded by what amounts to a ponzi scheme.

70% of the US debt is owed to its own citizens. We know there is no way to pay it all back. The reason we don’t drastically reduce funding to the military is because it’s our insurance against bankruptcy. As long as the military exists as it does, the USA can continue to borrow money without ever paying it back.”

11. Alien zoo.

“Alien zoo theory.

There are so many Earth like planets in this galaxy alone that its near impossible for them not to exist. Its also estimated that it would only take on average 3 million years from the birth of a planet for it to form a civilisation. But then that raises the Fermi paradox, “If they exist, where are they”. And the answer to that and the theory I’m talking about, is the zoo Earth theory.

One theory that could well be true is that aliens have found Earth and are observing, waiting for us to develop further and that in this process they are enforcing some sort of quarantine prohibiting other alien species from making contact, or us from finding them.”

12. Illuminati.

“Something like the illuminati probably exists.

Not necessarily a group of people sitting around a table in a dark room and hiding triangles in adverts but super rich people are often friends with each other and will help each other out.

When you consider that in a lot of countries the corporations have a huge degree of control over the government it’s not unlikely something like this would exist, just not how most people imagine it.”

13. North Korean drama.

“Kim Jong Un is dead.

We haven’t seen him in months.

His sister is running the show

The last time we “saw” him it was from pictures released by this government that couldn’t be proven to be new.

He’s dead or in a vegetative state.”

14. Here we are.

“The opioid epidemic is a targeted purge of economically depressed and potentially rebellious regions of the country.

Back in the 90s, NAFTA killed small to mid scale manufacturing in the rust belt and Appalachia. Those industries have always been where the majority of the people in those areas worked. This left a lot of angry people. They are still angry, so much so that they hate Hillary Clinton because Bill signed NAFTA into law and that is why we’ve had shit for brains in the White House fucking up the country the past 3 years. But I digress.

These are also areas that are traditionally anti-authority. Especially Appalachia. And they are areas where people have guns and know how to use them.

So, what are you going to do with these people? They refuse to retrain for the new economy, they’re starving, they’re armed, and they have a pretty legitimate grievance. You are going to need to get them under control if you want to stay in power.

So pharma and whoever tells the FDA to rubber stamp shit got together and read about the Opium Wars, how the British used opium addiction to control the Chinese. Bingo.

Start sending hot sales reps to towns up in the hills with wine the doctors haven’t seen since med school and crates of Oxycontin. They start prescribing it for everything. Doctors fucking know better, but some were in on this too. The epidemic grows to the point that the medical system is strained.

9/11 happens, we occupy Afghanistan, and eventually the world’s opium supply is no longer threatened. The transition begins. This is when the government pulls the trap door lever and cracks down on opioid prescriptions. There are now regions of the country full of desperate addicts who are thinking more about being dope sick than storming the Capitol.

They’re all useless to the wealthy, though, because they aren’t creating their wealth, and some are still belligerent.

Afghan opium gets processed into heroin and suddenly starts showing up in these towns in WV and PA and KY where it’s never been seen before. The government’s Chinese partners start manufacturing bulk fentanyl and selling it cheap to the guys bagging and running the shit down from Cleveland and Detroit to these little towns, to cut it and make it more addictive.

And the threats to your authority start dying. Such a sad thing, but tsk tsk those were junkies, Karen, not humans. Just look at their lack of material wealth, how unamerican. They won’t be missed.

Here we are today.”

15. A mystery…

“On August 5, 1952, a car came to pick up Sameera Moussa in Berkely, California. The driver opened the door for the world-renowned scientist, who was the first-ever female Egyptian nuclear scientist.

The thirty-five-year-old was the first woman to earn a doctorate in atomic radiation and the first woman to hold a teaching post at Cairo University thanks to her groundbreaking Ph.D. in atomic radiation in the 1940s.

Moussa sat in the backseat as they left the city and headed along the California coast. She had completed her research and was preparing to return to Egypt, but she had received an invitation for a dinner. Driving along the curved cliffs of the Pacific Coast, the car suddenly swerved and plummeted 40 feet over the edge, killing her immediately.

The driver jumped from the car just before the fall and later disappeared, and the invitation she received to California turned out to be fake. The death of the brilliant young physicist is shrouded in mystery.

While no one knows for sure what happened, some suspect that was targeted by Mossad, Israel’s intelligence agency, to prevent Egypt from acquiring knowledge of nuclear technology – though it has never claimed responsibility.

This is not the first incident from that type.

Ramadan was head of the National Radiation Observatory Network at the Egyptian Nuclear and Radio-logical Regulatory Authority.

Egyptian Ambassador to Morocco Ashraf Ibrahim said Ramadan felt sick during the conference and went to his room.

Shortly after arriving to his room in a hotel in the tourist area of Agdal, Ramadan felt a severe health disorder and called room service to ask for medical assistance, however, he died upon arriving to a private clinic.

The public prosecutor in the Moroccan city of Marrakech ordered the autopsy of the body to know the real reasons leading to his death.

The Egyptian ambassador to Morocco explained that the embassy is following up with the Moroccan authorities since the death of Ramadan and will pursue procedures to return his body home.

Medical sources said that Ramadan felt stomach cramps before heading to the clinic where he died, and directed blood samples to a medical laboratory in Casablanca to see if the death was caused by poisoning.

The Egyptian expert had previously participated in official meetings with Arab environment ministers in 2014, and was tasked, along with other experts, in 2015, to study the potential effects of the nuclear reactors Bushehr in Iran and Dimona in Israel.

The autopsy said that Ramadan died of a heart stroke, however, many to many observers the probability that the Egyptian scientist has been assassinated by the Israeli Mossad is very strong.

In 2018, a new book written by Israeli investigative journalist Ronen Bergman titled ‘Rise and Kill First: The Secret History of Israel’s Targeted Assassinations’ was released. In the book, he referred to the Israeli assassination apparatus as “the most robust streamlined assassination machine in history”.

In fact, nuclear scientists, in particular, are a real threat to Israel. For a country that is currently in a state of ‘nuclear ambiguity’, that is, its possible possession of nuclear weapons has yet not been made clear, it would be dangerous to have an Arab neighbour with the same kind of weaponry.”

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