People Discuss the Conspiracy Theories That Could Actually Be True

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I’m not one to believe in conspiracy theories, but I have to say that the more I dig into some of them, the more plausible some of them sound.

UFOs, political intrigue, assassinations. They’re very interesting to read about!

Do you believe in these kinds of things?

AskReddit users opened up about what conspiracies they think could be true.

1. Russian intrigue.

“That Vladimir Putin actually orchestrated the Moscow Apartment Bombings, to consolidate power and justify another war in Chechnya.

He killed thousands of his own people in a false flag attack and has murdered people since to keep it covered up.”

2. Social Security issues.

“Poor US virus response = mass deaths for middle-aged-to-elderly = insolvent Social Security gets a large reprieve as they don’t have to extend benefits to all those who would have drawn them = “I fixed Social Security”.”

3. One or the other.

“Democrats and Republicans working together to spread propaganda that you can only be one of the other.

Like, the idea that third parties are way to small to even have a chance of being elected (for president or for congress), and therefore should be ignored.

It makes sense because no one wants to waste their vote, so they won’t vote for third parties. Third parties then have no power. That means Democrats and Republicans don’t have to compromise with each other because they only have one competition, which is with each other.”

4. September 11.

“The CIA /FBI /American administration knew about 911 and either let it happen or instigated it in order to further assert dominance in the world, especially the middle east.”

5. Wiped out.

“My Polish friend told me this and showed me a video that seemed quite believable.

In 2010 an airplane from the Polish government crashed with pretty much all of the Polish leaders onboard. The video that exists shows part of the crash site and some people shouting in Russian. Afterwards some shots are heard.

The theory is that Russia shot the airplane down as the Polish officials were on the way to Russia.”

6. That’s a creepy story.

“The Dyatlov Pass incident wasn’t actually a natural accident… something killed them.

The amount of radiation in their blood certainly couldn’t have been from just passing through an area with radiation whilst they were traveling could it.

And to die with their tongues ripped out and other such fatalities it seems very odd the government would label it as death by natural causes especially when the camp they were at was left rapidly.”

7. Was it suicide?

“I really don’t think Kurt Cobain committed suicide.

The entire story always felt off to me, not to mention some of the harrowing details I learned of later on that seemed way too suspicious.

I’m not really sure if Courtney Love was involved, but I definitely feel like there was some foul play.”

8. Biological testing.

“In August of 1994, a small Washington town was subjected to biological testing by the US Government.

Over the course of three weeks they had 6 “rain storms” that consisted of gelatinous blobs. Anyone that came in physical contact with them (even with latex gloves) became ill, with dizziness, nausea, and other symptoms. Originally the towns doctor diagnosed almost everyone with ear infections.

After finally getting someone to agree to test the blobs, they found white blood cells and bacteria in them. Everything from a water spout picking up jellyfish and dropping them on the town, to the possibility of it being from an illegal dumping of an airplane toilet, have been debunked as not feasible.

The air force admitted to testing weapons near a coastal town about 50 miles away, and residents are adamant they had an unusual amount of government air traffic leading up to the events.

The Air Force denies any involvement, but the residents are almost positive they were the unwilling test subjects in something more sinister than flying jellyfish.”

9. Oh, great.

“The anti-vax movement is propped up by various foreign bad actors (i.e. the Chinese/Russian governments) via social media to literally weaken western powers through diminished health and faith in our own technologies.”

10. Never heard this before.

“The Titanic didn’t sink, the Olympic did.

The story goes that after a disastrous maiden voyage of the Olympic, it would cost millions to repair in a time where a million was a lot of money. It’s sister ship, titanic was still being built so they hatched an insurance fraud scam.

They swapped the name plates between the two ships, labeled the Olympic as the titanic, and set sail. They planned to take damage to the ship, have a nearby ship save everyone, collect the insurance money and party hard.

Except there was a small boat illegally doing stuff in between the titanic/Olympic, so when the titanic/Olympic sent up flairs for help, the other ship responded instead of the planned one causing the messages to become confused, so the ship that was sent to save everyone was late and a lot of people died.”

11. What???

“That William Shakespeare was just an actor.

Everything he wrote was written by Sir Francis Bacon. Jenna and Julian did a podcast on this and it was really interesting to listen to.”

12. Thoughts on this?

“Putin has leverage on Trump and is using it.

Trump is just trying to use the presidency to dig his family out of debt, and all of his family are making back room deals to sell American policy for personal wealth.”

13. They’re out there…


Anyone doubting this is delusional. With all the space stuff we’ve receive and evidence that intelligent life might exist elsewhere (my Earth standards), anyone else think life might exist outside the “cosmos” or restrictions humans put on life?

There is probably different elements, substances, stuff we can’t comprehend that exists, but it blows our minds and admitting it is scary.”

14. Sphinx.

 “The Sphinx is undoubtedly not dated correctly. Our understanding of the rise of civilization is WAY off, and it’s all because of the egos of the archeological and “egyptological” communities.

Textbooks would have been to be rewritten. Careers would be ruined. Thankfully, the internet and people’s own good judgement is very helpful in revealing this atrocity of a lie.

Biggest claim is that extensive water erosion occurred on the enclosure walls and back of the Sphinx that would date back to the end of the last ice age, when there was heavy rainfall and lots of water in the area, about 11-12 thousands years ago, which is much further back in history than current claims by “egyptologists.”

⁠There isn’t much evidence in ancient Egyptian text to support the claim that it was fully carved in Egypt’s old kingdom. There is evidence, though, to suggest that the current ‘human’ head was recarved by a new Egyptian king when he found a huge stone head (maybe a lion’s) sticking out of the sand, but the human head is way out of proportion to the rest of the body, suggesting that the head was recarved from a different original head (maybe a lion).

The disproportionate head is really telling, because there are no other examples of animals or humans with disproportionate body parts found anywhere else in Egypt from that time. Ancient Egyptians loves their proportions and were obsessed with getting them just right.

There is ground penetrating radar evidence to suggest that that there is a subsurface chamber under the left paw of the Sphinx, and when Egyptian authorities found out about this, they shut down the whole radar search operation and banned them from further searching. Further suggestions to insert a small camera probe down into the chamber have been met with hostility.

Egypt’s old minister of antiquities, when asked about the water erosion of the Sphinx and the newly found left paw chamber, literally said “I don’t believe in radar, but I do believe in what we already know”. You would think that Egyptology would be a an actual science, but it’s definitely not.

Just a few points, but there’s a lot more to dig into. Do your due diligence.”

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