People Offer Opinions About Conspiracy Theories That They Think Might Be Legit

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I’ve been pretty obsessed with the 1963 assassination of John F. Kennedy since I was a little kid.

Who was behind it?

The Mafia? The Cubans? Russians?  Or was it just a lone wolf, like the government would have us believe?

The JFK assassination is just one of many conspiracy theories that people can spend a lot of time researching.

Can some of them possibly be true?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about this subject.

1. A coup.

“The 1975 dismissal of the then Australian Prime Minister, Gough Whitam (by the Governor General) was actually a British/American backed CIA coup, in order to prevent the nationalisation of Australia’s mining sector.”

2. Soviet space program.

“Yuri Gagarin wasn’t the first man in space, just the first to come back alive.”

3. Could it be true?

“There’s a very high chance that a nuclear test took place by Israel and South Africa in 1979 and that the United States covered it up for political reasons.”

4. MLK.

“Can’t believe nobody has said this already: I am somewhat suspicious of the Martin Luther King Jr. assassination.

Just before the shooting occurred, a police radio call announced an active shooter and car chase on the opposite side of town and requested back up, lots of back up. Almost all of the cops on duty that day responded leaving 1 or 2 to respond to the King shooting. There was no car chase, no other shooter, and no one ever found out who made that radio call.”

5. Jack the Ripper.

“The identity of Jack the Ripper was known to the police.

He was actually detained and questioned by police before being released. He then left the country before they could rearrest him. Scotland Yard then covered up their failure, which snowballed into one of the biggest serial killer conspiracy theories in history.

This is supported by the fact that 132 years later, they are still withholding the case files and decline all Freedom of Information application as the files “may have an impact on living persons”.

6. Fighting against the environment.

“Certain Governments are actively working against environmental legislation because their countries have access rights to resources buried under the Arctic that they want to exploit once the ice caps melt.”

7. Doesn’t add up.

“Worldwide pedophile rings, and their involvement in Epstein´s murder.

I’m not talking about the adrenochrome shit, that’s just made up bullshit. I believe that Epstein was murdered to cover up larger pedophile rings.

Imagine this: you have a deal to expose all your clients, and have at least a little bit less strict prison sentence in exchange, and then you just hang yourself in your cell, when you have no way of knowing that the cameras are out, when no guards control your cell the way they should.

Seems like there are too many coincidences in this one for it to be just a random suicide.

I saw some autopsy photos, discussed the matter with my dad (who is an ex-cop who saw a couple of suicide victims, both saving them from the nooses, and on the table), and he said that he had never seen anyone with strangling marks in the middle of their neck that wasn’t a murder, since most hanging suicide victims have the marks right under their chin.

If Epstein survived, and still gave out the list, it could have had a couple of added names, but there are pretty big chances that some of his clients might have been involved in other pedophile rings, much larger than what his ring.

Shit just doesn’t add up.”

8. Interesting…

“That the term conspiracy theorists was coined by the CIA to make a mockery of people who put facts together out of loop of main stream media to se what was happening behind the scenes.

That turned into flat earthers, reptilian royals and whatever else falling under the same umbrella and skewering the public perception of theorists.

Many theories proved true ( CIA funneling drugs into the USA) but they fall under the umbrella as “moon landing fake” so people don’t really pay attention.”

9. What happened to her?

“Amelia Earhart didn’t crash, she was shot down by the Japanese because she was taking spy photos for the US government.

The timeline and geography makes sense, and other aviators of the time were approached with similar missions.”

10. Whoa!

“The lottery is designed to catch time travelers.

Is that why a myriad of bad things starts happening to them after they win? It’s actually pretty logical…”

11. Turkey.

“The failed coup in Turkey being staged by Erdogan.

It was just too perfect for him. Just at the right moment when he was popular and ready to take power a weak coup happens, giving him the perfect opportunity to crack down on any opposition? Come on.

He even said it was a gift from God himself.”

12. Brazilian politics.

“During last federal election in Brazil, a far-right candidate to presidency was stabbed during a rally.

This candidate was from a small party and did not have time on television to promote himself (less than 30s), but after that it was news in every news. Also because of the stabbing, he was on medical leave and did not participate of any debates between candidates. The main doctor from the team that operates the candidate was a well-known oncologist in Brazil.

Well, the candidate was Bolsonaro and the stabbing boost his campaign and he won.

After the election, the guy who stabbed was declare with mental issues and is on special-hospital-jail while we discover that he was practicing gun fire in the same school/field as bolsonaro’s son (which this guy clearly could not pay for) and had a high-profile lawyer (again, who is paying for this?)

The conspiracy theory is: Bolsonaro had cancer and create this circus to operate while boosting his chances on the election.”

13. A local conspiracy.

“Every time these threads come around, people always talk about the big national conspiracies. I’ll let you all in on a very rural town conspiracy.

I graduated high school with a gentleman that would eventually become a cop. Kid came from a military family, was an avid gamer and DnD player, and was generally a great guy. I know he wanted to join the military like his father but he was barred due to some weird physical condition he had.

Instead of the military, he goes into the police department and becomes a local cop. He’s still a pretty good guy, but you know how life goes on after HS. We talked less and less, etc. He even pulled my wife over once for a ticket but let her go once he recognized her. His family were super proud of him as well.

Suddenly, I receive bad news from a buddy of mine. My cop friend committed suicide in his house once it was discovered he was apparently selling kiddie pornography.

Other local cops surrounded his house, he sent his fiance outside to surrender, and then turned his pistol on himself. It was sad of course, and many people were upset in the local community. However, it never sat well with me.

His family always contested the claims of kiddie porn too. The report stated they found a large amount of it on all of his computers and hard-drives. My deceased friend loved building computers, and had lots of parts.

The local police seized ALL of his equipment. Afaik, they never returned any of it. It would seem odd that someone so intelligent would be stupid enough to just download kiddie porn and place it on their hard-drives. Perhaps he wasn’t as smart as I thought, but it just never sat well with me.

Furthermore, his partner that he was seen with suddenly disappeared from the public eye. Not a month after my friend committed suicide, this particular cop quit the force and just left town. To this day, no one knows where he went or why he disappeared. My buddies family has tried to press the police department for information but they never said anything beyond “He doesn’t want to be a cop anymore”.

Most people would argue that people leave jobs all the time, but this particular guy had lots of family here, including a wife and kids. He apparently just skipped town and sent divorce papers to his wife, and then was never heard from again.

Its never sat right with me, especially since my friend was so happy to be a cop. Maybe I completely just missed this side of him, or maybe I am looking too deeply into this. But still, I think it’s definitely weird how the timeline of events lined up.

How about you?

Are there some conspiracy theories that you think might be true?

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