16 People Talk About What They Think Can Redeem 2020

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When the history books are written, 2020 is gonna be a HUGE chapter, probably up there with 1968.

We have civil unrest, protests, a divided populace, a health crisis, and a whole other host of issues we’re dealing with right now.

So, what could possibly redeem 2020?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say.

1. You never know…

“Scientists discover that a unique side-effect experienced by COVID survivors is that their lungs develop the ability to sequester carbon directly from the air, which gets processed in their bodies and harmlessly removed in their stool.

And that’s how COVID becomes the unexpected cure for climate change and carbon pollution.

Which sounds silly, but I also never in a million years would have guessed that 2020 would see the revival of drive-in cinema (still hard to believe I’m typing this), so what the hell?”

2. Here’s how you should do it.

“Benevolent, advanced aliens publicly stepping in to correct the course of our civilization.”

3. Time for progress.


Actual remedies for the problems that got us here.

Criminal Justice Reform and and Public Health policy that prevents pandemics instead of just reacting to them.”

4. Let’s hope for it!

“Scientists find a cure for Covid and miraculously Cancer as well.

Government works out universal health care, universal basic income. The mars rover accidentally trips the the alien tera-forming button a-la Total Recall.

Elon Musk unveils he’s invented teleportation and an unlimited energy supply. Peace reins across the world. Atlantis is discovered.

We receive contact from an alien society that was just waiting for us to evolve enough to be civil in the universal society.

We learn all of us are one and the cosmos groove electric.”

5. Come together.

“People realize how unity is required to overcome the most difficult challenges on earth so people come together to challenge, among other things:

Global Warming

Income Inequality


6. Could happen…

“If a bag filled with $50,000,000,000 in crisp thousand dollar bills suddenly falls from the sky and lands in my front yard…”

7. Just wear a damn mask!

“The anti-maskers realize what idiots they’ve been and stop making everything worse with their conspiracy theories and dumbfuckery.”

8. We need it.

“At least for here in America, the election of a candidate who takes the role of president seriously, can lead us through national tragedies, and organize people to find solutions rather than cause more problems.”

9. Here’s the list.

“Free universal wifi released without comcast or Verizon stopping it somehow.

Jeff Bezos decides to open a new warehouse in every major city, but instead turns them into homeless shelters.

The government gets out of the student loan game. Causing tuition to drop and loans to become affordable again.

Cure for cancer

Game of thrones releases a secret 9th season with 10 episodes showing brann brann having visions of season 8 making it retconned.

Me getting a girlfriend.”

10. Just do it, already.

“The national legalization of weed in the US that would make my year.”

11. The time is NOW.

“Big steps being made to mitigate the climate catastrophe we have waiting for us in the next decade or two.”

12. Here, here!

“4-day work weeks, universal income, social reform.”

13. Who could that be…?

“A certain US president losing his reelection might be a start on the path to redemption.

But the broad spectrum antiviral discovery would be good too.”

14. Education is important.

“Making people more educated on how can we to do something for one another with love and compassionate to one another.”

15. Shut it all down.

“For America, most immediately, it would be shutting things down. No talk of the NFL returning, shops reopening, K-12 schools reopening, or colleges reopening in the fall.

Ideally, we would lock things down solidly through the end of the year, suspend nonessential travel between states, and find funds to support everyone through this. If other countries can do it, and if we always find funds to bail out banks and corporations, why not care for our people?

Employers would be required to allow employees to work from home, and justify why others must remain onsite. Those who must work onsite would have access to daily testing via their employer. Free testing for everyone, and free care for those who test positive.

To continue this fantasy, employers would also be required to develop policies for employees to work offsite long-term, and face real penalties for firing employees or outsourcing jobs. Again, ideally, this would bring about a shift in management models nationwide.

I think we have a tendency to think that all of this, from the inability to have a football season to universities only offering online classes, is a permanent thing, and it isn’t–or it doesn’t have to be, if we really make an attempt at locking down.

Other things that seem unrealistic atm, but could be possible some day: voting from home, more options for students to learn remotely, and for free, a total revamp of the current K-12 curriculum, free healthcare, free assessments and mental healthcare starting in childhood, better support systems in communities, especially for our poorest, youngest and elderly members, truly separating church and state, getting money out of politics, everyone having the time and inclination to pay attention to and get involved with local, state, and national politics, reigniting an interest in recycling and conservation, giving people the time, money, resources, and freedom for self-actualization from an early age.

There are so many things that would make 2020 and our future better.”

16. To the future!

“It turns out 2020 was just the introduction to 2021 when all of humanity gets an extremely fast change of mentality. By 2025 we turn this bitch around and the world turns into something similar to an utopian planet where there’s no crime, corruption or prejudice. We finally reach the golden age.

Science, education and culture get all the funding that we gave to military and marketing, so within 20 years we colonize other planets, and by 2070 we start colonizing other galaxies too.

By 2147 we discover traces of an unknown element on one of the surrounding planets. Two years later a weird crate is found on mars, holding some advanced technology. Scientist study it and quickly find out how mass effect fields work, which results in humans finally discovering Faster Than Light travel.

But before we can even get to use it, we find out that one of Pluto’s moons is actually some technology, some kind of relay, that’s been there for thousands of years. We dig it up only to realize that it’s a mass effect relay that basically teleports you to various parts of space.

In 2157, the first contact is made.”

What do you think?

What could happen that would redeem this awful year?

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