How Can 2020 Be Redeemed? People Offer Their Opinions.

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I think it’s safe to say that this year has been very challenging so far.

Every single thing that could have gone wrong seems to have happened and we’re only halfway through 2020.

But, as you know, it’s important to remain positive and to at least hope that things will get better.

So let’s all be good to each other and pray that things turn around quickly.

Folks on AskReddit offered their opinions on what could possibly redeem 2020.

1. That would be amazing.

“While searching for a Covid-19 treatment, someone discovers a cheap broad spectrum anti-viral.

Think the discovery of penicillin, just for viruses.”

2. Keep your fingers crossed.

“Someone discovers how to cure cancer cheaply and easily.”

3. A personal victory.

“I currently have a crush on a girl who works at the bank. I’m not sure if she is interested in me as well. I get a little nervous when I talk to her. I think she already knows I am interested in her.

If I get the chance to ask her out on a date and she says yes, I will climb a mountain and yell with happiness that she said yes.”

4. Let’s feel the love.

“Love, understanding, patience.

For me 2020 is like winter in Game of Thrones. So what would redeem 2020 is for people to realize that life is crazy for everyone but when we work together with love, understanding and patience we can go through anything and actually thrive.

It’s like the saying goes: when the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives. Humanity is the ultimate pack. If people realize this we will not only have redeemed 2020 but every single year after that as well.”

5. They should do this.

“The government forgiving my wife and my student loans for being essential healthcare workers.”

6. Please!

“Everyone actually judging people by their actions and the end of identity politics.”

7. Have to act now.

“Governments and massive organisations taking climate change seriously and actually doing something about it to reverse the problem….”

8. A big change.

“A drastic change of how our governments are functioning and how the officials that are supposed  to protect us are operating.

It’s time that the main goals of a country aim to protect its people – not profit off of and harm all who serve to protect the corrupt at little personal gain.”

9.  The well being of all.

“A sense of humanity and responsibility amongst everyone.

When humans feel responsible not just for themselves but for others, the good and well being of all.

That would redeem everything.”

10. Let’s hear it.

“To have all the governments, secret services, special forces, security/intelligence agencies, secret religious ‘guardians of the truth’ societies, etc WORLDWIDE come clean with all their dirty secrets, lies and misinformation.

Fucking waterboard the lot of them if that’s what it takes. Then, when everyone is on the same page and the conspiracy theorists are happy (they can be quiet for a while then, too), we can actually start to right some wrongs, and maybe, just maybe, humanity can advance in unity towards a common goal.

No one gets out of life alive, most of us ultimately want the same things, so if we can get our shit together, start playing on the same team, share knowledge/resources, and have some fucking compassion/empathy/respect for one another, 2020 might be salvageable. I dunno.

Send everyone to their rooms and don’t let them out until they’re ready to give it a go??”

11. Wouldn’t that be great?

“David Bowie is found to not be dead after all but has spent years in hiding recording new music.”

12. Smoke up!

“The cure to COVID-19 turns out to be hidden in cannabis plants and the whole world decriminalizes’ it making it legal worldwide.”

13. Real progress.

“World wide ban on punishment for being lgbtq+.

Not yet marriage everywhere. Just no more beatings and executions. No one going to jail for being queer. I would also hope that the BLM protests make a big change. Less murdering black trans women would be a nice touch.”

14. Wouldn’t it be nice?

“Benevolent aliens landing on Earth and staging an intervention, bringing gifts of science, knowledge and humanity.”

15. A new health standard.

“Not sure about the rest of the world, But I know what could be great for America.

Covid 19 bringing a complete reset in the health industry. Changing it from ridiculously priced treatment to affordable prices for basic human rights.

Not only that, but due to the protests a complete change in law enforcement as well so there’s no situations where law enforcement has the ability to shoot down someone non hostile.

These two changes would be well worth the 6 months of quarantine and poverty Covid has brought on the world.”

Okay, now we want to hear from you!

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