15 People Talk About What Used to Be Considered Luxurious That’s Now Normal

Can you imagine life without air conditioning?

I definitely CAN NOT.

But back in the day, having AC was considered a luxury, not something that everyone had.

What are some more examples of things like this?

Check out what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. It’s fresh.

“Cold drinks and fresh fruit everywhere and always.

When I was a kid I remember my grandma saying that one of the best Christmas gifts she received as a kid was an orange.

Back in the 1930s and early ’40s they weren’t everywhere and getting one was a treat.”

2. Very classy!

“Ice in the fridge door.

It was like an upperclass thing when I was a kid.

Everyone was still using their family’s old 1950s fridges that could double as a nuclear blast shelter lol.

A new fridge, with ice in the door was luxury.”

3. Wow.

“Sanitary napkins.

I’m old enough that when I was a girl, most sanitary napkins still had a suspender belt that you attached the pad to; the ‘beltless’ maxi pads that arrived in the 1970s were a game changing deal.

And tampons? Revolutionary, although they required a large body of marking reassurance that girls’ virginity wouldn’t be ruined by tampon use…”

4. Every day.

“Eating meat every day.

My grandfather was born during WWII and he told me that he only ate meat once a week when he was a kid. I can’t speak for other countries but in the French countryside that was considered a luxury post WWII.”

5. Not anymore…

“Flat screen TVs.

The first flat screen TV I saw was at a Bose store in the Spring of 99′ and it was 42″ for $15k!

By today’s standards it was a fat flat screen of lower pixel quality. Crazy how cheap you can get one for now!”

6. Back it up.

“Car backup cameras.

I think they’re mandatory standard features on cars now.”

7. Gimme the power.

“Powered windows in cars.

My dad d**d in 2010. To the end he refused to own any car with power windows or locks because he was convinced they were “one more thing to fail.””

8. LOL.

“Cell phones.

25 years ago I was in HS, and we watched a corporate video in a class. It was one of those of how the future will be all bright and shiny, as long as everyone uses brand X

The video was by Motorola, and it described the future. And they weren’t that far off, stuff like zoom calls from the beach. But the one thing that had everyone in the class laughing and dismissing the video as BS?

The 8 year old with her own cellphone. Because ‘no parent would ever spend that much money on a phone for a kid’.”

9. Spoiled.

“Today’s produce is crazy luxury.

You are telling me that in Ontario Canada I can get perfectly ripe bananas in January?


10. Go figure…


It’s the second most expensive spice by weight, even today… but for some reason it’s associated with bland or mundane flavor.

Go figure…”

11. History 101.


People in the past have wiped out entire civilizations to get better access to spices.”

12. Livin’ the life.

“Being able to wake up off your luxurious bed and take a hot shower with soap, basically unlimited water and then being able to brush your teeth with an electric brush and toothpaste.

Look at the TV and phone to see world news and the weather forecast is. Pick and outfit from your large supply of clothes put on makeup to look good if your into that. Then go to the kitchen to have a supply of food and have a 1,000 calorie breakfast.

Than go to your motor powered industrialized hunk of metal and drive 10 miles to your workplace and work 9-5 than come home and cook a nice dinner watch tv maybe work out a little and talk with your friends and family and find a new hobby.

Then go back to sleep and start again. Basically the ordinary life of most people in the western world would be a dream for most people before the Industrial Revolution.”

13. We don’t even notice.

“Walk into any supermarket and take a stroll

Wars were fought, civilizations toppled, and entire peoples wiped from the face of the earth for half of what’s in there.”

14. It’s true.

“Pineapples used to be seen as luxurious and could cost as much as $8,000.

Some people rented pineapples for parties to show off their wealth.”

15. Thank God!

“Air conditioning.

As a Houstonian I think about this a lot. There is absolutely no way in hell I could live here without AC. I

don’t know how people settled here in the past without it and came to the conclusion that humans were meant to live here.

Clearly we were not, we just manufacture a fake environment that is tolerable.”

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