15 People Weigh in on What Feels Illegal, but Isn’t

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I know this scenario sounds familiar to me: I’m sitting at a red light in my car and a police officer pulls up next to me and glances over at me. My hands tighten on the wheel and I get a little bit nervous, even though I’ve done absolutely nothing wrong.

Does this ever happen to you?

For some reason, once in a while in life, we all feel like we’re doing something illegal even though we’re not at all. I guess we all have a guilty conscience or something.

What feels illegal, but isn’t?

Let’s get into the answers from AskReddit users.

1. A very weird feeling.

“Hiring a babysitter for the first time. Hear me out.

The first time I hired a complete stranger to watch my kids, it was so fucking weird. My daughter was 18 months at the most, and I just waved goodbye and gave someone my cellphone number and left. So strange.”

2. Not a great idea.

“Driving with your interior light on.”

3. Maybe not illegal, but definitely not cool.

“Taking your own food into a movie theater.”

4. Step on it!

“Passing a cop car on the road if they’re driving slowly.”

5. A shady business.


It’s legal bribery.”

6. Sweating bullets.

“Going through airport security.

I don’t have anything, but what if somehow I accidentally put a gun in my bra.”

7. Hmmmm…

“Buddy of mine asked if he could bring his AK/AR rifle on my boat so we could shoot off some rounds out on the lake. I was very skeptical as he ensured me of its legality.

To ensure, I called my local coast guard and asked. After a good laugh, they said it was indeed legal as long as I was far enough from the shore.”

8. It’s a gift.

“Transporting 4 weed plants in my back seat, clearly visible to the outside world to give them to my buddy for his summer grow.

No transaction, just a gift.”

9. You’re in charge…for now…

“I work in a restaurant and we are doing our best to stay open safely and follow the rules so that we can make money and hopefully make some people happy that they can go out and act “normal” after everything that’s going on right now.

That being said……how fucking dare any customer right now give me an attitude about trivial shit. People trying to argue, “I see you have empty tables, just let me sit already!”

“I’m sorry sir, we are at capacity”

I secretly love telling customers “no” right now. You don’t get to say that very often under normal circumstances.”

10. Sounds…fun?

“Starting a fight club; provided you’re over 18 and are doing it on your own property.

Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing illegal about able-minded adults mutually agreeing to fight, provided that they don’t do it on public property. If you wanted to start a fight club in your backyard or in your garage, you could do so.

Turns out the first rule of Fight Club could have been “Feel free to talk about Fight Club; we’re technically not breaking any laws.””

11. I’m too dumb to figure this out.

“Card counting.

Technically not cheating but if a casino can still ban you for life if they find out.”

12. I promise I’m 21.

“Buying beer when you’re 22 and have a baby face.”

13. Totally ridiculous.

“Blocking the door of the Governor’s office in the state capitol holding machine guns.


14. That is BS.

“The fees my bank charge me for using my own money.”

15. Do what makes you feel good, friend.

“Bathing with a lasagna.”

Those definitely make a lot of sense to me!

How about you?

What do you think feels illegal even though you know it isn’t?

Tell us all about it in the comments!