15 People Who Probably Wish They Had Decided To Just Stay In Bed

There are days when you bound out of bed in the morning, sure you’re going to have a great day and everything is going to go smoothly.

Then there are days when you have to prop open your eyes, you just want five more minutes, and once you do get up and going, you realize that wanting to stay in bed was some kind of premonition – because absolutely nothing is going right.

These 15 people are having the worst days, and they definitely wish they had listened to those instincts and pulled the covers back over their heads.

15. Especially if this happened on your way to work.

Just crawl in the passenger door and carry on.

Kids learned a couple new words today. from mildlyinfuriating

14. Healthcare in America.

This is criminal, y’all. Most people don’t have this kind of time and they know it.

I’m being over charged by insurance after my daughter was born. This is the pile of mail I have to go through to prove they’re ripping me off. Pear for scale. from Wellthatsucks

13. Absolutely nothing is going right.

They should just be able to convalesce!

GF and I have COVID. Heater went out, technician can’t come out due to quarantine. Decided to try and fix it myself. Tripped over a pipe and fell through the ceiling. Anyone need a handyman? from Wellthatsucks

12. That moment when you make so much work for yourself.

Not at all what Yesterday You intended.

I now remember that yesterday I wanted a cool soda from Wellthatsucks

11. It’s like winning the lottery.

That no one really even wants to play.

Results from an allergy test – my body reacts to every type of local allergen! from Wellthatsucks

10. It’s so adorable, though!

So there’s that.

I think my attempt at growing tomatoes turn out rather well. from funny

9. Well, who needs butter anyway?

Except, you know, everyone.

I did not look closely enough at that label from Wellthatsucks

8. I guess the laundry can wait.

If you’re looking for a silver lining.

Went down to the basement to do laundry… from Wellthatsucks

7. I did this with my Prilosec the other day.

Also extremely important to my daily happiness.

Is it funnier knowing that these are antidepressants? from Wellthatsucks

6. This has happened to me, too.

I don’t understand why there are holes in my walls, then.

I have two outlets in my house (bought 2 years ago) that don’t work. Purchased 2 new outlets to replace them. Turns out there are no wires to connect them to! from Wellthatsucks

5. How does this even happen??

I mean…what do you even say about this?

Mother Nature decided that this BMW should be a convertible. from Wellthatsucks

4. She doesn’t look very happy.

No one wants an angry toddler on their hands.

My toddler and I walked to the park …… just to find that the whole playground has been removed :/ from Wellthatsucks

3. How is this an accident?

I think there was some kind of prank involved.

Someone at my stepdads work put dry ice in the toilet by mistake. from funny

2. I suspect this has happened to most parents.

There are dirty diapers everywhere and we are so tired.

Somehow chucked a dirty nappy in the washing machine this morning from Wellthatsucks

1. This just makes me cringe.

I can feel the pain through this picture.

Won’t be playing guitar for a while. Turned on the wrong burner and then grabbed a metal bowl that was sitting above the flame. Ouch. Yup. Those are blisters. from Wellthatsucks

Wow. I can surely wait until I have another day like these.

What’s your worst day in recent memory? Tell us about it in the comments!