15 People Who Were Married Less Than a Year Share the Moment They Knew It Was a Mistake

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No one is arguing that marriage isn’t hard, but if you don’t make it to your first anniversary, then maybe something just wasn’t right. And maybe it would have been better for all parties if they had figured that out before the nuptials.

If you’re curious just how people get married and divorced inside of 12 months, well, these 15 people are here to share their secrets.

15. Jealousy isn’t a good look for anyone.

Super late to the Party here, but I knew it was over when she started a fight at my Brothers funeral because female attendees were giving me hugs as part of condolences.

14. Definitely not kismet.

Her running off with a guy she met in rehab was a pretty solid clue that it wasn’t meant to be.

13. Some people can really keep secrets until those papers are signed.

A cousin of mine divorced her husband after six months. She knew when we had to pick her up from her home after having been recently beaten. That day, we packed up all of her stuff and never let her go back.

12. There’s no hope for some people.

My sister got a civil marriage. Then they moved super fucking far away to the middle of nowhere cause he got a good job. My sister never finished college and he would remind her on a daily basis about it. She would get super depressed and he wouldn’t believe her. She got sick once and he told her since she didn’t go to the DMV that day she wasn’t allowed to go to a theme park we were planning on going to that weekend. He would demean her whenever she couldn’t get a job or even an interview, and she applied to practically everywhere within a 50 mile radius. He called her stupid in front of me and when I called him out he told me to mind my own business. If he wasn’t twice my size I would have decked him. She left him after about a year cause he’s obviously a raging asshole. When she left he told her she has nowhere to go and if she went to stay with our mom she would just be a burden like me. I was like 19 and in college at the time. He’s a rude fucking dick but at least she got the car and the dog.

11. Well that is a bit awkward.

She decided she was in love with her step-brother a month after we got married.

10. I mean, I kind of want to know what you were texting your mom.

she nearly killed me because she thought i was cheating from some texts that went to my mother

9. Drop kick that guy to the curb.

When he said my son’s suicide attempt interfered with his (ex’s) birthday party.

8. And, spoiler alert, she wasn’t a woman.

She went out for girls’ night and met a new friend named Nicole at a bar. Started texting her a lot, then going to hang out now and then. We had a baby at home and she kept trying to go hang out with this girl from another town over with no last name whom I was not allowed to meet. His real name was Wesley

7. I’m so happy she had the guts to walk away.

The day after we got married when he slapped me across the face (hard and completely out of the blue). No argument, no conversation leading up to it, nothing. He said it wasn’t that hard of a hit, he was just kidding around, and I was being overdramatic. He had never gotten violent with me while dating, but as soon as we got married it was like a switch flipped and he was a COMPLETELY different person. It got worse very quickly, and I ended up filing for divorce 73 days after we got married.

6. Why even bother to get married at all, then?

A cousin of mine married someone who seemed like the perfect woman. They worked in the same store together, and he would brag about how his wife was getting promoted quickly in the company.

A few months into the marriage, she tells him she’s going out with friends for the evening. An hour or so later, my cousin gets a call from one of his friends. The friend saw her having dinner in a restaurant… With the manager of the store that they both worked at. Once he confronted her about it, that was basically the end of the marriage.

5. Sometimes a ring changes everything.


We dated for 5 years but on the honeymoon we had a big argument over my liberal use of sunscreen. She refused to wear any because of ‘chemicals’ and I liberally use it due to my ginger skin. We seriously argued over this for a good hour and she refused to even go into the pool with me because of sunscreen chemicals.

After a scuba adventure with her she could hardly walk because she got so burnt on her legs whereas my skin didn’t change.

She then tried to convince me that it was all my fault because I didn’t force her to wear the sunscreen and that the honeymoon was ruined.

It was then I realized I picked the wrong person. After a few more psycho arguments (mad at me because of something in her dreams, mad because I didn’t remind her to bring an umbrella….)

I had to call it quits. I can’t stay with someone who constantly blames me for their own problems.

Luckily no kids and I got back everything I brought into the marriage.

4. If you made a mistake, admit it and move on.

I had been fooling around with this girl for awhile. I never wanted anything serious, and I KNEW that from the start. Then my mom was killed…I went into a deep depression and this girl was there for me. Her mom had died of cancer about a year earlier and I guess we really bonded over that. It pushed us much further emotionally than we ever should’ve gone. We ended up doing a courthouse marriage. I knew within the month that I had fucked up. BUT I didn’t want to just give up and get divorced. Once the emotions of my moms death passed, I realized how toxic she really was. She was an incredibly unstable person and ended up just taking me into an even deeper depression. We divorced about a year ago (after being married for about 10 months), and I was immediately much happier. Marriage shouldn’t be taken lightly, but people also shouldn’t force themselves to be in unhealthy relationships. We all make mistakes. Don’t waste your life with someone that doesn’t deserve you.

3. That is utterly terrifying.

I knew a week after I got married when he slammed my head into the wall “because he saw me looking at a man” at an ice cream shop. I’m from the US, and got married in England. This dude changed completely right after we got married. A couple of weeks later, I had to get out of there and come back to the US.

2. And that’s the reason you spend time alone with a person.

My MIL got married the first time when she was really young. Left him a month later. Turns out he was a raging alcoholic. She had no idea because her family was super overprotective and they were never really allowed to spend time together alone before they got married. Who knew spending time with someone could be the key to knowing if they are a good partner??

12. It seems like everyone will be better off, now.

Got married in late May, by August or September I found out from my dad that my husband (now ex) and my brother’s wife were sexting. She was also my bridesmaid at our wedding. She felt guilty and told my dad who had to tell me. I forgave him like a dingus and about a year and a half later I found pictures of him sucking two different dicks in our house and also wearing quite a bit of my nice makeup. All of this AFTER we moved to Washington from Florida. It’s been wild. We’re obviously divorced now.

Edited for clarity since I guess that needed to be said?

It’s always interesting getting a peek behind the curtain, isn’t it?

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