15 People Whose Spouses Kept a Secret Until After the Big Day

Marriage might be something most people aspire to, but I hope that most of us think we’ll find someone who loves and respects us enough to be honest.

That said, I guess it can be hard to tell sometimes – it sounds like these 15 people’s partners were pretty good at keeping secrets, and pretty determined to get married with them intact, too.

15. Abuse is way too common.

That if my family didn’t stay in line with how he acted, he’d try to cut me off from them. Oh, and he had some really bad anger issues.

When he became abusive, he hit me and kicked me out of the house. Now, my family isn’t perfect. We fight, normal family issues. We’re not drug dealers or rapists, but we’re family. We love each other. So naturally, when I came home in the middle of the night, crying, three hours away (we lived in another city), they had something to say about it.

Now, I was married. I tried to make it work. So I went back. Naturally, my family wasn’t excited about that. But I went back anyway. Then it got worse.

So then he told me that I couldn’t talk to them anymore. Actually, his exact words were, “cut your family out of your life, or leave.” So I left.

It all worked out for the best. My mom was diagnosed with cancer and I’m helping take care of her. I see my niece and nephew a lot. I have a good job. My life is relatively simple, and I’m happy.

The best revenge is to live well.

14. You know why the chili was so good…

Not my personal story but my mother started dating this nice little old man… after a year of dating he came clean that he had been in prison for 15 years for the murder of his first wife.

My mom continued to date him! She didn’t tell me until they broke up and all I could think was …. I use to go over to his house and he would make me dinner and he made really good chili…. I would of never even expected that. You never know what people are hiding!

13. She wanted to make sure you were for real.

Still not married but after a ten year relationship I found out she is worth millions.

12. You definitely want to have that chat.

That she thought I was weird for wanting s^x daily and that we would slow down to a “normal” once a month or less after marriage.

11. How dare.

Not really hiding but my wife never once asked me to put the toilet seat down until the day we moved into our apartment.

We had lived together previous to being married.

10. Obviously a pod person.

That he didn’t like Oreos.

I said to him “The f*ck? Who doesn’t like Oreos?”

9. Just wait.

That after 18 years she’d weigh close to 3x my weight. I love her but wish that didn’t happen.

I brought undiscovered alcoholism to the table. Never drank before getting married. I’m OK now.

The moral of the story: there are many reasons not to get married young. One of which is that your personality isn’t fully developed.

8. I would not find this funny.

My, now late, husband came to me directly from his mother’s home and into mine.

I cooked, cleaned, and did everything that a good old fashioned wife does for her husband, all the while he claims that he cannot do these things.

After living together for four years, two years into our marriage I became so ill that I was laid up for weeks. I feared that we would both starve and be living in filth and poverty from eating out until he surprised me with a, better than my own, home cooked meal. It was delicious! Even the house was cleaner than ever.

I think it’s hilarious that he hid his domestic talents from me for so long and was even better than me. I was duped for four years!

7. I hope that wasn’t a dealbreaker.

That she had another kid and gave it up for adoption before the one she had when I met her.

6. Men are easy to forget about, tbh.

My brother’s wife forgot to mention her boyfriend.


It could happen to anyone.

5. That’s some serious trauma.

My husband died 10 years ago but we were married for 27 years. After about year 10 of marriage he told me that his mom had shot his dad after catching him cheating, not killing him, but ending a long and successful career in the military.

After he finally told me this, a lot of things that had never made sense to me before finally did.

4. Why say anything at all?

My boyfriend got married in his twenties to this extremely stupid chick.

She told him two days after they were married that BTW, she’d been f*cking his best friend for like 6 months.

She didn’t want to tell him before they got married because she was afraid he’d break up with her.

It was a quick marriage and even quicker divorce.

3. Surprises like these are good.

I didn’t know that my wife loved rap music. Gangster rap. And can rap. Introverted middle-class white girl loves (and can perform) D12 (filth and all) and Eminem’s stuff, taking particular relish in the more misogynistic and violent songs.

Blew my mind. Had no f*cking clue.

2. That was a close one.

I didn’t find out until our divorce that my ex-husband had credit card debt and no retirement savings.

His company had a good 401k match and he had told me that he was contributing.

Turns out he had never even set up his 401k and was not putting any money toward retirement savings, in addition to accumulating credit card debt.

Thankfully all the debt was in his name and the divorce filing had him paying all of his debt and me keeping all of my retirement savings. Bullet dodged there.

1. Bye bye.

That he was a pedophile. (dead serious).

Love yourselves, people. That’s all I have to say.

If you’ve got a story like this to add to the heap, we’d love to hear it in the comments!