15 Pets Doing Their Best to Destroy Christmas

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Anyone who has ever owned a pet around the holidays will tell you that it’s a gigantic pain keeping them out of the decorations and treats and everything else, but the pets in these posts are taking trouble to a whole new level. Like, they should pretty much all be re-christened Grinch instead of Fido or Moxie or whatever.

You’ll see. And you’ll give your own pet a squeeze, no matter how naughty they might have been this year.

#15. What?

Photo Credit: Flickr

#14. Pay no attention to the kitty in the tree…

Photo Credit: Bored Panda

#13. Om nom nom nom.

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Photo Credit: Daily Mail

#11. What do you mean, it wasn’t a toy for me?

Photo Credit: Bored Panda

#10. This cat is walking away like there’s a movie explosion going on behind him.

Photo Credit: Reddit

#9. It wasn’t me; it was the one-armed man!

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#7. I belong here. Move along.

Photo Credit: Bored Panda

#6. If we all join in then no one will get in trouble.

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#5. IZ MINE.

Photo Credit: Reddit

#4. Shame. Shame. Shame.

Photo Credit: The Bark Post

#3. There will never be a tree in my house.

Photo Credit: Sandi Wiseheart

#2. This cat couldn’t even wait for the tree to be done.

Photo Credit: Bored Panda

#1. That was exhausting.

Photo Credit: Bored Panda

h/t: Bored Panda

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