People Are Sharing the Funny Nicknames They Call Their Pets


If you have pets, you know you’re never going to call them what you originally named the little fellas. Names for our dogs and cats evolve throughout the years until they’re virtually unrecognizable.

For instance, when I was growing up, we had a dog named Quincy. Quincy morphed into Quinky Dinky, and finally just QD.

A Twitter user recently shared the evolution of his dog’s name, and it led to a chain reaction of tweets from people illuminating the fate that has befallen their own pets in the name department.

Take a look below and try not to laugh…poor animals.

Photo Credit: Twitter, MooseAllain

Photo Credit: Twitter,pandamoanimum

Photo Credit: Twitter,mattemerson

Photo Credit: Twitter, welshyeti

How about you? What do you call the animals you happen to share a home with?