15 Pets Who Definitely Won’t Be Playing with Bees Anymore

Image Credit: Reddit

Pets can be a lot like little kids sometimes: they’re stubborn, they don’t like to be told ‘no,’ they think they know better than you, and, yes, many times they have to learn their lessons the hard way.

For instance, you can tell your dog (or your toddler) that we don’t mess with bees because they sting and it hurts, but maybe they’ll never really understand what that means until they’ve felt the pain themselves.

And these 15 pets? Well…lesson learned. Probably.

15. Oh, man, give that dog some Benadryl!

My friend’s dog ate a bee
byu/skyline_kid infunny

14. Let’s play goiter or bee sting!

A friend’s cat got stung on the chin
byu/Fiaxko inpics

13. This one just made me lol.

My dog decided to eat a bee…
byu/Primextime92 inaww

12. That is a cat that will kill you in your sleep for posting pictures on the internet.

My roomates cat had a fight with a Bee
by inaww

11. Just a BIT swollen.

This is why kittens shouldn’t play with bees…
byu/frazdt inaww

10. OMG that thing is huge! (TWSS)

She ate a bee.
by inaww

9. That looks like an innocent accident.

Waffles also had an unfortunate run-in with a bee…
byu/sweetoldetc inaww

8. $10 says this dog gets stung again.

My friend’s puppy got stung by a bee.
by inaww

7. Hmm, your face didn’t look like that when you went out?

I also tried to eat a bee..
byu/Xanadu376 inaww

6. Oh my laundry that dog needs a doctor.

Bee stings aren’t fun.
byu/Jmunnny inaww

5. Her nose looks like it was drawn by a Disney animator, lol.

[deleted by user]
by inpics

4. That is a dog that has regrets.

Rocky ate a bee to celebrate National Dog Day.
byu/radiocleve inaww

3. Why are you laughing?

Barney bit a bee. The bee won.
byu/GlimmeringJem inaww

2. Have you learned your lesson, hmm?

Curious Lacey with a bee-stung face.
byu/erin_leighh inaww

1. This dog is doing an impression of me after pizza night.

Dogs need to stop eating bees

My dog used to snap at anything that buzzed in the yard, and once ended up with quite a swollen muzzle. Didn’t stop her, though.

She’s not the brightest, God love her.

Has something like this happened to one of your pets? Do you have a picture? Share with us in the comments!