15 Pictures That May Make You Feel Pretty Good About How Not Dumb You Are

Image Credit: Pixabay

Human beings, y’all. Sometimes we’re totally awesome – other times you’re left wondering how on earth we’ve been able to keep ourselves alive all of these years.

The 15 pictures below definitely fall under the latter category, and after you scroll through them, you’re probably going to be feeling like the smartest person in the room for little while.

And that’s not a bad thing.

15. Yes it’s called verbal language.

Bee warning! from facepalm

14. Also, it’s still a thing?

Thanks, Dana. from facepalm

13. You can leave the ‘i’ out of anything if you try hard enough, I guess.

There is no “i” from facepalm

12. Let me tell you how we make ice.

How are you this ignorant? from facepalm

11. All moms have that eagle eye, yo.

Poor mother has to imagine her daughter now from facepalm

10. That’s not a shark, but I still want to know how she managed to pick it up without getting stung.

You got catfished from facepalm

9. There is one very simple answer.

Why life isn’t a 24/7 holiday from facepalm

8. I don’t think their relationship is ever going to be the same.

Where are you again? from facepalm

7. Bless her heart.

I wish this was fake. Meet Jenn from facepalm

6. When you have to edit your own post because you’re an idiot.

Yeah… from facepalm

5. Some people should not be allowed to travel abroad.

4. When you feel dumb but also like celebrating.

3. I don’t even have words.

Engineer 1: What’s the date today? Oh idk from facepalm

2. I really hope she gave you some ice cream.

1. Which one is it?

Never? NEVER??? from facepalm

Oh, dear. I’m off to find some encouraging stories to help counteract these fails.

Have you ever done something that could land you on a list like this? Tell us about it in the comments!