If You Grew Up In The 1990s, These 15 Photos Might Bring Back Memories

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Technology has evolved rapidly in the past decade, which means that those of us who are fairly young — say, mid-twenties to mid-thirties — still remember the days when things were so much simpler (aka less connected). If that describes you, then these 15 photos will bring back the peace and quiet of those good old days that were really just a decade ago.

#15. Blocking people was simple — and they always knew.

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#14. You could just keep playing until you got the future you wanted.

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#13. You could just rip up pictures you wanted to hide forever.

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#12. This was the biggest stress — and win — of your week.

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#11. Finding your friends was as easy as this choice:

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#10. You could log out of IM and your friends had no way to get in touch with you.

#9. No technology was required for this question.

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#8. When birthday parties were awesome no matter which place you picked.

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#7. It was impossible to spoil movies as long as your friends didn’t suck.

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#6. All you needed to feel accomplished was passing a note that didn’t get confiscated.

Image Credit: AlisonDeluca/Blogspot

#5. When completing your Happy Meal set made your week.

Image Credit: Kids Time

#4. And taking vitamins was fun.

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#3. Everyone knew this was the best day in gym class.

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#2. And this was the best day in any other class.

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#1. When the most annoying thing about Facebook was the pokes.

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Anyone invented time travel yet? No? I’ll keep waiting.