15 Dogs That Are Really Struggling In Life (But We Still Love Them)

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Dog owners know that their best friend offers some of the best cuddles, emotional support, and friendship. They do cute things and let us know how much they love us.

Once in a while, they get into trouble and commit some epic fails. That’s why one Twitter user decided to ask people to share stories about times their dogs got into some sticky situations.

The answers are as weird and adorable as you expect!

15. Playing Tennis at The Wrong Time

He’s just trying to get attention.

14. One Epic Fail?

How about multiple fails!

13. Train The Dog to Get the Newspaper, They Said

It’ll go over well, they said.

12. What Insane Logic Is This?!

That’s not how doggie doors work!


11. The Beagle Brought it on Himself

Moody little guy, this one!

10. At Least She’s Okay!

Could’ve been close!

9. This Puppy Learned How Gravity Works

And it’s not as cool as he thought!

8. Maybe She Isn’t Dumb

Maybe she’s secretly a yogi.


7. This Bulldog Can’t Handle the Solitude

But this is cute!

6. The Ole Switcheroo

Strange time to switch beds, eh?


5. She Insists on Wrestling The Leash

And she happens to be great at it.


4. Not Great at Hide and Seek

Doors are a little tricky.


3. Scared of His Own Abilities!

The slow-mo really captures this confrontation with mortality.


2. This Puppy Loves The Taste of Mud

‘Nuff said!

1. Dog Parkour Master

Cold, calculated moves!

These dogs definitely got themselves into some sticky situations, but one Twitter user came to their defense:

Do you know a silly dog that’s made a decision they regret? We’d love to hear all about it.

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