Are you ready to have your mind blown? I think you better get prepared.

Because all of these photos might look familiar, but just off a little bit.

Like they’re from another planet…from BEYOND!

Take a look.

1. That’s strange…

Blue Coke Can sold in Turkey from mildlyinteresting

2. I’ve never seen one that small.

I found a tiny Walmart ! from mildlyinteresting

3. Are we on Mars?

This Target is white and not red from mildlyinteresting

4. Where have all the aces gone?

These playing cards have ones instead of aces. from mildlyinteresting

5. Kind of cool.

This Starbucks drive-thru in an old car wash from mildlyinteresting

6. I love this idea!

This Taco Bell is made out of old ship containers from mildlyinteresting

7. A totally different universe.

Alternate reality cereals from mildlyinteresting

8. Total freak-out time!

This SubWay in New Jersey has a red sign instead of yellow. from mildlyinteresting

9. Lowercase stop sign.

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10. Genetic mutations abound.

This pink grasshopper found on Kelleys Island, Ohio from mildlyinteresting

11. The turquoise arches.

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12. That’s a lot of detail.

This pedestrian crossing sign has realistic people. from mildlyinteresting

13. Proceed with love.

Stoplight in Akureyri, Iceland has a heart shaped red light. from mildlyinteresting

14. No more rainbows.

These rainbowless Skittles from mildlyinteresting

15. Brilliant, but also sad. Get off your phone while walking!

This traffic light on the sidewalk for pedestrians on their phones from mildlyinteresting

I’m freakin’ out, man!

Okay, not really, but those are some pretty cool pics, huh?