15 People Share How They Landed a Job They Genuinely Love

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It’s no secret that a lot of us really hate our jobs (not me, of course). However, there are apparently a select few individuals who actually really, really enjoy going to work every day.

It might sound crazy, but it’s true. If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to find and land a job you love, you might be interested in this Reddit thread, which asks Redditors to share jobs they genuinely love and the story behind how they got into the field.

As you might have guessed, people had a lot to say on this topic. Below are some of our favorite answers that just might inspire you.

1. Some people were just trying to save a few bucks.

“I’m a private chef on a superyacht.

I got it because I used to work in Michelin star restaurants in London. I was tired of working so hard and then seeing so much of my salary get wasted on rent and cost of living in London. I figured out that you get to keep 100% of your salary if you live on the yacht. A bonus right now is that we’re moored up on an island that has no cases of coronavirus at all. The pay is way more than what you would get as head chef in a restaurant as well. The crew I work with are all great and I get to cook with the best ingredients with almost an unlimited budget.

I couldn’t be happier.”

— skinMARKdraws

2. While others just wanted to be like Indiana Jones.

“Archaeologist. I’m back in school right now to get a master’s so I can hopefully lead my own digs one day but even shovel bum jobs are amazingly rewarding.

Sure, the days are long and you’re out in the hot sun, but when you find something old and cool you really feel like a treasure hunter.”

— snaresamn

3. Others are fulfilling their childhood Hot Wheels fantasies.

“I build and work on racecars. It’s the coolest job in the world to me. I work for a team and do stuff on the side as well.

I helped on race teams for years just for fun, and as I learned more and got better at it it slowly morphed into a paying deal.”

— randomemu

4. Some people really know how to network.

“I’m a carpenter who works on mansions on a private island.

I kinda just fell into this job tbh. My girlfriend has a cousin whose father has some money and owns a custom carpentry company. We moved to their area and the father offered me a job. At the time I was working at Papa John’s and shit had been rough for a while. I have fallen in love with the job since. It’s incredibly hard work but at the end of the day, the satisfaction of being able to physically see the results of my efforts at the end of the day has worked wonders on my job motivation and mental health at work. Every morning I watch the sunrise come over the ocean driving to work and at lunch, I sit on the beach and watch the waves. I couldn’t ask for a better location, better pay, or a better trade.

Saying I’m in love with my job is an understatement. My work is becoming who I am and a big part of myself and for the first time in my life I’m alright with it.”

— erviniumd

5. Teaching adults new skills can be really rewarding.

“I’m the chairperson of a culinary school.

I love my work. No day is ever the same, we see students go from not knowing how to pick up a knife to real skills within a couple of years, graduates get jobs quickly and go on to do all kinds of things.

I started apprenticing as a cook in 1998, completed the apprenticeship in 2002, went to university to study history, graduated PhD in food history in 2015, was a professor at a culinary school and am now the chairperson.”

— ryguy_1

6. Turns out, becoming YouTube famous is actually super hard.

“I get to do YouTube full-time building and engineering my dream cars.

The best part about it, the crazier and more noteworthy, the more successful the video. It’s like getting to be a car mechanic and only work on your own cars. So thankful for getting to this point. It took years of making videos for fun as an outlet for being in a dead-end town.”

— rdahm

7. Do you believe in magic? This guy still does.

“I’m a magician for a living.

I mostly specialize in performing at corporate events all over the world. It had been a hobby since I was little. Throughout my childhood, I always had a passion for theater, and eventually minored in it in college. I was working in sales after 8 years in the army, and decided to give it a shot. So, I went out and pitched a bunch of restaurants on the idea of having me come bounce around, performing for people at their tables while they waited for their dinner. It was really well received!

Eventually, I started booking bigger and bigger clients.”

— zombioptic

8. Helping people through their worst moments is incredibly exhausting, but also rewarding.

“I’m a crisis counselor for a hotline for a non-profit that serves folks impacted by specific kinds of abuse. I do direct care while also providing leadership and training as well.

It’s difficult work and it wears me down some days BUT I couldn’t imagine having a job that didn’t feel as meaningful and important. I love helping people; I love listening to people.

It’s scary calling somewhere and asking for help or asking for support. But, sometimes you get people like me on the other end who will do their best to make sure when the call is over you’re feeling a little better, a little more hopeful and feeling a little safer.”

— yrexloverisdead

9. Playing with puppies all day, where do we sign up?

“I’m a dog groomer and love my job.

I started out at grooming school and then ended up working there afterward. I now run my own business and am extremely passionate about what I do.

It can be a harder job than people realize but it makes it all worth it when the dogs leave my salon looking and feeling great, and seeing the owners reactions.”

— jammersbout

10. Who didn’t dream of becoming a pilot as a kid?


Childhood dream come true and views are great … worked hard and lucked into a sponsored program by an airline.”

— sdweed1

11. For some, work is a calling.

“Neuroscience researcher: I just knew from when I was a little kid that I wanted to be a scientist, and I was lucky enough to have parents who would encourage that kind of thing and access to good educational opportunities.

So I studied psychology in college, then went to grad school for behavioral neuroscience (that was a slightly rough 7 years), got my PhD and started a postdoctoral fellowship a year ago in behavioral/computational neuroscience.

If I were independently wealthy I would seriously pay money to be allowed to do this job.”

— optrode

12. Cleaning up messes = audiobook time.

“I’m a Janitor and I can say it’s the fucking best every time friends or family ask how’s work I reply with: “What work? I don’t work.”

Every day is different someday something breaks and you go and repair it, somedays you clean, somedays you do some garden work. And everything is calm, I don’t need to stress.

I can listen to audiobooks all day long, and I can plan the day myself.”

— themrkablamo

13. You’re never too old to love an amusement park.

“I work at an amusement park, it was my favorite first job, I worked in the games department as an attendant.

I would operate a single game for a whole shift, with how busy the park was, I had the chance to meet and talk to so many different people throughout the day, everyone had fun and each day was different, I have been there for 5 years now and I had the amazing chance to become apart of the management team.

I love the people I work with but I have only maybe 5 bad days throughout the entire season. 10/10 would recommend.”

— salemdevonshire

14. That feeling when your work helps other people escape into a steamy book.

“I write romance novels and sell them on Amazon. I actually got into it through writing erotica, which I still do.

It’s really nice. It’s a job, obviously, and some days you really don’t want to sit down and put the hours in, but you have to in order to keep the lights on just like any other gig; waiting for inspiration to strike isn’t really an option. There’s also the fact that when you self-publish, you have to do all of the things that a publishing house would do on top of writing.

That means you have to figure out marketing, editing, cover design, social media… or at least, be willing to hire someone who can do that stuff for you.”

— portarossa

15. When you live in a beautiful place, nothing really feels like work.

“I milk goats on a goat dairy in Hawai’i. I love being around goats all day and working on the farm.”

— dr_bigbutt

What job have you loved the most? Anything that really stands out?

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