We all need to unwind sometimes. To take a break, push our work to the side, and just laugh.

If you don’t LOL once in a while, what’s the point? So, without further ado, look at these photos to give yourself a hearty, wholesome little treat. And then you can get back to work…

1. Not all heroes wear capes

Photo Credit: Reddit

Look at this kid. What an angel. Helping someone out in distress. We’ve all been in this position before. It’s a desperate situation. A race against the clock. Do you brave running out into the hall? Or do you pray that someone will walk by and you can scream for help?

I’m assuming this is either one of his siblings or his mom or dad, stuck in a precarious position on the throne without any toilet paper. Good on ya, kid. Karma is real, and you will be rewarded handsomely for your noble effort.

2. A big help

Photo Credit: Reddit

Hahaha. Why can’t searching for a place to live be (kind of) fun once in a while? And these photos can help us all out in a different way as well. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with sleeping in the shower, the hallway, or the kitchen.
As a matter of fact, go ahead and put that baby out on the fire escape. Why not, huh?


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