7. He will pay dearly

Photo Credit: Reddit

Is this guy in for a rough night or what? I wonder what he did to monumentally piss off the staff at this Thai restaurant…

This is one of those instances when I really wish we had a before and after photo, don’t you? Poor fella, let’s hope he made it out without too much damage.

8. Dad for the win

Photo Credit: Reddit

This is what solid humor is all about: funny, not too offensive, and wholesome. Get this guy a writing job (or maybe a spot in an improv group?).

9. Funny and infuriating

Photo Credit: Imgur

If this happens to you over the course of a really bad day, it has the potential to send you over the edge, am I right? Although it may seem insignificant, the old “kitchen drawer won’t open” bit has led to more broken dishes and glasses than anything else throughout history. This is a scientific fact. Look it up.

10. Looks legit

Photo Credit: Reddit

It’s the place you go for…doctor stuff. If you did have a medical emergency, would you rush on over to this joint? Seems a little sketchy to me. Like a bar that’s just called “Bar.” What kind of clientele do you think you’re gonna run into there? Probably won’t end well.


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