15 Romantics Reminisce About Their Very First Kiss

Photo Credit: Pixabay

They say you never forget your first kiss – or your first love – and I can say that for me, at least, both are true. One was significantly better than the other, though, since my first kiss took place in middle school and was sufficiently awkward enough to coincide with the setting.

These 15 people have memories of their own, and whether they’re sweet, awkward, or hilarious, you’re going to love them.

#15. I was a huge dork.

“We were walking to the parking lot after my first school dance, and there was a lot of snow gently falling. I spotted my ride and said something like, “Oh, hey, there’s my dad” and she spun around and kissed me while we were right in the center area of a street light. It was really lovely, but I have to give all if the credit to her, since I was a huge dork.”

#14. For free homemade cookies.

“7th grade I wanted to go to the Valentine’s Day dance for free homemade cookies. However I couldn’t enter the dance without a date, so I asked this kid that was in detention to play as my boyfriend so I could get in to the dance.

After the dance he walked me home, when he dropped me off he asked me for a kiss. I replied “sure” and eyes wide open kissed him on the lips.

Edit: spelling.”

#13. I kinda want to kiss you.

“Was on the third date with my crush. We were out in the parking lot after a movie and he walked me to my car. We just talked and hugged for a bit. Then he said “I kinda want to kiss you.” I was stunned for a few moments, but I said “I’d be okay with that.”

We’ve been dating for almost 6 months now.”

#12. Some practice.

“Sleepover at a friend (we’re both girls) we we’re talking about it and then she kissed me. Very good to have some practise before my first guy kiss happened a few months later.”

#11. Never saw him again.

“We were 15. He went to my Saturday drama club. Some emo/goth looking kid. I was hooked on him. Was devastated the day he brought his girlfriend with him. Couple weeks later they split up and I was elated. Still I was ugly and fat and awkward and shy…

I can’t keep my feelings hidden though. A girl from the club who also went to my school threw a birthday party and I was invited. I didn’t particularly like this girl, she was a two faced snide bullying bitch (the kind that wears you down with snide comments that if brought up she’d laugh off as a joke). When she realised I was making excuses not to go she said the magic words; Colin will be there!

Spent the night being awkwardly pushed in his general direction. He gave me my first beer and it was foul (still can’t stand the stuff despite my now husband being something of a connoisseur). At one point we ended up on the couch side by side. Another girl suddenly stood up and said “oh for God’s sake, everybody out except you two!” and ushered everyone out of the room, turning off the main light and turning on a red lamp that happened to be there.

He turned to me, said “oh what the hell” and we made out for about 2 minutes before everyone came back in. At the time it was breathtaking. Looking back it was terrible, he litteraly just poked the tip of my tongue with his. Spent the rest of the night with his arm around me. Eventually we were ushered off to bed by the birthday girls parents, girls upstairs, boys downstairs. He whispered to me to come find him downstairs. I wanted to but I didn’t have the guts. My dad picked me up the next morning before he even woke up. Never saw him again.”

#10. It was a trap.

“She asked me over to fix her computer. There was nothing wrong with it. She looked at me shrugged then kissed me. It was a trap.”

#9. All tongue.

“Her name was Kyria and she was so soft and beautiful. A few years ago we had to put her down, but I’ll always remember when she kissed me for the first time. It was all tongue.”

#8. I just about died.

“We just ate some chilli for dinner and I he took me by surprise. I full on belched my chilli stinking breath in his mouth. I just about died. Luckily our second kiss was more successful.”

#7. A second go.

“Asked “want a kiss?” then handed me a Hershey. Later that night he leaned in for a kiss and our glasses knocked together. We laughed a bit and had a second go.”

#6. A REAL kiss.

“Technically it was in primary school; i was sitting with my “boyfriend” and we were watching some movie (it was in school, some kind of a science class), he was hugging me, I turned around to tell him something and he kissed me, but his lips were so wet I immediately moved away; I don’t even count it as my first kiss. but my “second first time” was when I was 14 and I was with my boyfriend for a month. I don’t even remember how it happened, I just told him I was ready (it was such a big deal for me idk why, I just was so stressed), he gave me a quick kiss and I was like “no you dumbass, I want a REAL kiss” and we made out.”

#5. Halfway around the world.

“Flew half way around the world to meet a guy I had been talking to online for the last 7 years. He met me in the airport and asked if he could kiss me, I said yes.

It’s been just over 6 years since then, and this random internet stranger and I are now married with two little puppies.”

#4. He asked if I was a lesbian.

“I was just a couple weeks before being 21, drunk, at my crush’s house, and kissed some random guy after he asked me if I was a lesbian. So romantic.”

#3. The right moment.

“We met on World of Warcraft and talked for 9 months on skype and the phone. I moved from Texas to Iowa to be with her. she lived with her parents to sisters and their husbands and kids. We hung out alone all day, then met her family that afternoon and that evening went to the lake. It was Fourth of July. her and I walked around the lake holding hands then when it got dark we headed back sat down, I bought her brother in laws and dad and I a few beers and bought food and drinks for everyone. we sat there on the ground she was in front of me my arms around her. she had her little niece in her lap. we watched the fireworks go off. that night she took me back to where I was staying. as she went to get in the car to go home. I grabbed her shoulder spun her around and put both of my hands on her neck and kissed her. at that exact moment the neighbors across the street started shooting off fireworks. It just was perfect and was so unplanned and just was the right moment.”

#2. Little romantic me.

“Was at my first girlfriends house, we were around 17 at the time. We were cuddling on the couch in her room when I leaned over her. I was incredibly nervous and she was so beautiful and I didn’t know of kissing her was okay (we weren’t together then). She lifted her head a little and gave me a soft kiss. I must’ve looked a bit startled because she said “you had that look on your face”. We kissed again and I dorked out, failing to ask her then and there if she wanted to date me, asking her later that night over Skype. Yeah. Little romantic me ruined that part of her first relationship.”

#1. Inhaled my face.

“I was 14 and he was 18 (yes, I now know how fucking creepy that was). My parents didn’t know about our relationship yet and he would walk me to the corner of my street from where the school bus let us off. My mom was in the front yard so we had to part a little earlier. We had talked about me wanting my first kiss earlier so we decided to do it there. He was a horrible kisser and practically inhaled my face, but I didn’t care because I finally felt like I was officially a teenager who was desired by someone. Every one of my peers had had their first kiss way earlier and I hated feeling so left behind.”

I hope all of your memories are as sweet as these!