15 Singles Share Their Go-To Question to Break the Ice on a First Date

Image Credit: Pixabay

Dating is rough. Anyone who is dating, has dated or expects to be dating again will tell you that. And they’ll probably also say that breaking the ice in on a first date is the worst part.

If you have no clue how to do this, let these 15 experienced daters help you out with the questions they’ve found to be the most helpful ways to grease the wheels of the evening.  Who knows, maybe you’ll discover the perfect first date opener in the process.

#15. Make or break

“Do they use tabs or spaces?

It can make or break.”

#14. Because I never pass up a “Seinfeld” reference

“What’s the deal with Ovaltine?”

#13. Your favorite animal

“What is your favorite animal, and why is it bigfoot?”

#12. You hear about Pluto?

“You hear about Pluto? That’s messed up, right?”

#11. Childhood facts

“Anything about their childhood and where they grew up. You can learn a lot about them based on that, and lots of people like talking about it.”

#10. Very important

“So, are you single?”

#9. Some good ideas

“Their favorite meal as a kid, the ones their mom or dad would make them when they were either down or celebrating. This usually branches to some good honest stories.

If it’s near Halloween, favorite or least favorite costume they ever had is an easy one.

Also I have no godly idea why, but one I found on Reddit is 3) if you could ride any animal whatsoever safely, what would it be? For some that ones gotten me a lot of mileage.”

#8. Trick question

“Coke or pepsi, trick question water. She falls madly in love with you, you tell her to meet you in germany, you go to argentina, 18 years later she finds you, turns out she has a son, its yours, you offer to meet in paris. Jokes on her, you went to japan.”

#7. For your date

“Date questions:

What are some of the small pleasures in life?

Are you close with your family?

What would you do with the spare bedroom in your dream home?

Tell me about a really embarrassing moment in your life.

Fav place to travel?

What do you like to do for fun?

What is your high point/low point for today?

Do you have any nicknames?

Have any guilty pleasures?

Have any pet peeves?

When is your birthday?

Are you a morning person?”

#6. Acronyms are fun

“FORD. Family, occupation, recreation, dreams.

RAPE. Religion, something I forget [*abortion], Politics, Ex’es.

The dos and don’ts.”

#5. Check ’em off

“What is on your bucket list.”

#4. What makes them tick

“Family. Occupation. Likes/ dislikes. Movies/ tv/ entertainment. Travel. Dreams. History of clothing/ accessories they have. Hobbies (this is a great one to get them on a talking train and to quickly get to know what makes them tick).”

#3. I hope she likes bad jokes

“Do you like Titanic? No wait, That’s a bad icebreaker.”

#2. Answer must be yes

“Do you like bread?”

#1. Paranoia will get you far in life

“Are you wearing a wire?”

There you go — take them or leave them!